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Hello everyone,as I've said before I'm not a diagnosis celiac but am trying the GF diet to help my hashimotos,my sister and nephew are confirmed celiac sufferers.my question is this,I've had a blood test done and it was <1 so not showing me to be a celiac sufferer.however my sister s illnesses didn't show up until she had a camera down the throat? My questions are these,

Can anyone tell me what the poo test is for celiac and where to get it from.

Also as I'm eating gluten free and have been for a few weeks how long will I have to return to eating gluten foods for before the tests are done.I'm having a running battle with the doctors over my hypertension and hashimotos so don't want another one over this,but would like to know if I have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease if I do ill take the results to the doctors.

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  • Hi. You need to be eating the equivalent of two pieces of toast each day for 6 weeks prior to an endoscopy.

    Never heard of the poo test. Sorry.

    The endoscopy might tell you if you have coeliac but you can be gluten intolerant without having coeliac disease.

    My brother has coeliac diagnosed in the blood test but his endo was equivocal.

    I have SLE and am gluten intolerant but my coeliac antibody test and endo were negative. These tests are not 100%. When you go back on the gluten you will know if you are gluten intolerant if it makes you feel awful. In retrospect for me, I'm not sure it's worth chasing. You know u have an autoimmune disease, so You need to try going gluten free anyway.

  • Have you been tested for IgA deficiency?

  • Sorry don't know ,I was given a blood test can't remember what it was called, but results where <1

  • I think you can get a false negative if your body can't create enough of the right antibodies. This is more likely if your immune system is frazzled from Coeliacs or possibly other autoimmune disease. I think think there is another blood test they can do if you do turn out to be IgA deficient.

    I have to add I might be wrong; I am no expert!

    I found this at coeliac.org.uk ...


  • Thanks I'll look into it

  • You can get the test I think you might be referring to at enterolab.com There are several tests and you can pick what works best but they send you the kit and you take poo sample and send back. I had the test done 2 years ago and it showed that I have gluten sensitivity and allergies to eggs, etc. Anything over 10 is abnormal and my gluten score was an 84 (yikes) My mom's is a 13 and she can't touch gluten. I definately recommend the test. My mom's nutritionist says it is the new gold standard. I am not sure about that and of course don't want to argue with anyone on this board - I just know that for me this test helped me figure out the problem and I am thrilled. As a breast cancer survivor I am doing everything I can to stay healthy and continue to thrive. This test was given to me as a birthday present 2 years ago and I consider it one of the best gifts I ever received. It took me a while to go gluten free as I received the results the week before Christmas so I waited until the first of the year to go GF. Then I got bit by a tick and was given an antibiotic with gluten and my whole body went crazy. I developed DH. But that is another whole post. Sorry - anyway check out the enterolab website and I wish you the best on your road to discovery.


  • Thanks so much Kim ill get right on it.

  • Kim it looks like this is from American,do they organized everything including return post.and it says you don't have to stop eating GF to test can I ask where you eating GF at the time of the test.

  • I was basically eating gluten free at the time. I had been dx with bilateral breast cancer and 10 days before that I started a 27 day juice fast and at that time gave up sugar, gluten, dairy, and all processed foods. During chemo I did do some gluten but it was very limited. By the time I took the test I was fairly gluten free again. My test was a birthday gift from my parents. I know they paid for the test and the test was mailed to my door. I did the test and I think that one had salve swabs too. Sorry - I also did a hormone test and I know that had tubes to spit your salva in. I do remember that the return postage was included and I just took the box to Fed ex or UPS - I can't remember which. I would ask them if they mail outside of America. I do know that their results were very helpful for me. I now know gluten is a no no for me as is soy, eggs and chicken is questionable.

    I am sorry it took so long for me to get back - I don't always follow the links but something told me today to look at this post again. Good luck with your research for answers. Like I said as a cancer patient I did a lot of research and am happy to report that 2 1/2 years later I am healthier than ever. I have learned that no matter where we live we are in control of our health and it is our responsibility to do our research.

  • Thanks kimsbslp this helps😃

  • So glad to help,


  • Thank you marylaloli so helpful,

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