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Anxiety poss coeliac?

Last year I got severe anxiety out of the blue. Was put on AD's which helped a bit. Found a connection to my monthly cycle, I've got estrogen dominance, so I was put on the pill which helped immensely. Anyway, the last couple of days my anxiety has creeped back in and I don't know why. I have had the blood test for coeliac which was negative. I know coeliac can affect hormones. I feel tired all day, never feel refreshed after a nights sleep. I get hypoglycemia. Sometimes I get acid indigestion, my stools are often soft and sometimes it sticks to the toilet bowl. Going to docs on Monday to ask for an endoscopy. My dad and grandad are both coeliac. I just wish I had the obvious stomach symptoms because I don't know if I'm barking up the right tree. Another strange symptom is that on my right foot a gap has appeared between my 2nd and 3rd toes. No pain or anything. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thankyou

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It could be Coeliac as you have a strong family link with you dad and grandad having it.

Has your Dr tested you for vitamins and minerals such as D3, B12 and Iron/ferritin? Low B12 can cause a huge range of symptoms including anxiety and it can affect the gut quite dramatically too. Do a search for B12 symptoms and maybe look at the Pernicious Anaemia group on here.

Low D3 can affect mood

Low Iron/Ferritin can affect energy and a knock on can affect mood and tiredness

Has he checked your thyroid levels? Low thyroid function affects metabolism and a whole range of symptoms.

If he does the tests post them on the Thyroid site and someone will help you to see if the levels are high enough for you to feel well. For some tests it isn't enough to be just in range even though the Dr will say it is normal.

Good luck finding out what is going on


My mum and I showed negative for coeliac test even though my daughter has coeliac and her testing showed it was genetic. Since my mum and I have stopped eating gluten we feel so much better, not as many headaches and migraines, IBS for mum has settled down, I have more energy etc.


It seems that the blood tests aren't effective for everyone who clearly have Coeliac symptoms. That's great that you are feeling better by going GF. They say IBS is often misdiagnosed CD


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