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Think I may be coeliac?

Hi all.

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday because i've been having some trouble.

Last year, I got crippling anxiety out of nowhere. Terrible around my period. I was put on Antidepressants and eventually the pill.

I've been researching online whether it could be coeliac. Here's the list of things i think may be attributed to it.

I usually alternate between constipation and being loose, sometimes the stools float It was really loose when i had my last period. I sometimes have to dash to the loo when i need to go I had anxiety out of the blue, no cause for it I have songs in my head every day from when i wake up (i do have ocd but shouldn't have this) My dad has DH I get joint pain in my fingers I'm slightly anemic, which the docs said is because of my period, but i'm on the pill so they are lighter I get tired It feels uncomfortable to eat sometimes, like i'm a bit bloated

I want to present all this to my doctor, but wanted to know what anyone else thinks. Do you think i have cause to go?

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Having a close relation with DH means that you could have a higher possibility of coeliac disease than the general population.

Have a look at the information on Coeliac UK for some advice.


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Poor you my coeliac presented in similar ways when I was younger, as I got older I developed neurological symptoms as well. However it wasn't until I got pregnant and developed DH and the more expected gastric symptoms I got diagnosed and even then I showed as a negative on a blood test! Good luck with gp - have you been avoiding gluten as this will influence test results so make sure you let him know!

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Hi. I've had my blood test results and they were negative. Really disappointed because I thought I had an answer. Can I ask if you had unexplained anxiety and also how did you get diagnosed in the end?


As you have a coeliac (DH) in the family AND you have toilet problems ask your GP for a blood test. Make sure you are still eating gluten because you need an accurate test.

I wouldn't rattle on about having anxiety at this stage - GPs seem too comfortable to issue prescriptions for this medication rather than getting to the root of someone's illness. I'm not saying mental problems don't exist but at this stage you don't want to cloud their judgement.

Get the diagnosis confirmed or ruled out.

Of course, anxiety does produce an instant toilet rush - everyone I have spoken to says they had endless toilet trips while waiting to take their driving test, their nerves were so bad!

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I am still eating gluten. I've noticed that a lot of people with coeliac disease get negative blood test results. How do you get diagnosed if the blood test results are normal?


If you are eating gluten while having the blood tests then they should give an accurate reading. So what you do need is to know what is wrong.

There was an advertisment running recently that indicated some ovarian problems can cause symptoms that previously I'd have said definitely belonged to coeliacs.

Might be worth checking that out on some Google searches. Especially as you mention some of your symptoms being linked to periods. I also saw that PCOS was linked to anxiety and depression because it affects hormones so badly. Hope this helps.


I have got pcos, but the type of anxiety you get with that is just a bit irritable. I had totally crippling anxiety out of nowhere. Ended up on beta blockers because it was so extreme. I've actually seen a gynecologist recently but they didn't seem interested in linking my anxiety to pcos. But i've had that for years, so don't think anything could've changed. I even brought up the subject to my gp about the possibility of ovarian cysts, but they said it's highly unlikely. I have read somewhere that Coeliac disease can affect hormone levels. Plus i have this anemia which i can't find a reason for. It just seems to all link to Coeliac. Plus i heard the symptoms can get worse around the monthly period and mine is. I read a case a while ago about this person who got diagnosed coeliac and their only symptom was anxiety. Just hoping the doctor agrees to a blood test when i see her tomorrow


PCOS can be linked to low thyroid - as can anxiety and low mood. Have you been checked ? Not just the TSH - but also the FT4 - FT3 and the Thyroid Anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg .....

There are over 300 symptoms linked to thyroid ....



I had my thyroid checked a couple months ago. I don't know what levels they checked but it was all fine. Having a blood test for coeliac next week.


It is always a good idea to ask for copies of your blood test results so you can monitor your own health.

When a GP says your results are fine - he/she means in range. Where they are in the range is so important. I have been on the Thyroid Forum for over 4 years and read this every day. When people eventually obtain their results and post them it is very obvious that things have been wrong for a long time.

They test only the TSH in many cases - this is a Pituitary hormone that tells the thyroid to produce T4. This is a storage hormone only - and needs to convert in to the Active hormone T3. This is needed in every one of the trillions cells of your body.

As I suggested in my earlier post - you will need the TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg - the last two being anti-bodies - to really know what is going on with the thyroid.



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