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Coeliac disease and friendly bacteria

I'm stuck forever never knowing as I can't do the coeliac test I get that bad I collapse on the floor unconcious and the Nhs do not have a clue about coeliac disease I don't think they know what coeliac disease is half the time and their not bothered how it affects you anyway. Im being left trying to fix myself has anyone on gluten free tried long term high strength friendly bacteria as well as gluten free diet and did it help as I've heard you can never heal coeliac disease without fixing leaky syndrome first.

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Hi Heman

I'm not sure what you mean by high strength friendly bacteria? Are you talking about fermented foods?

If you want to improve your gut health, fermented food is recommended but not everyone can tolerate them. You could look into taking good quality probiotic and prebiotic supplements. Prebiotic foods and a wide variety of vegetables should also help develop your own healthy gut bacteria. Avoiding most ready made supermarket gf food also tends to be helpful until your health has improved. Good quality food is important.

There are some useful websites you could look at: Chris Kresser, Paleo Mom. Alessio Fasano has investigated intestinal permeability and is worth finding on the Internet.


Also worth reading Giulia Enders excellent (and amusing) book 'Gut'.

Another key avenue to explore may be faulty methylation (the processes by which your body converts food into energy and everything else the body needs). Take a look at this:

Problems with the methylation process can apparently switch on genes for auto-immune diseases which might otherwise stay dormant. If the testing is too expensive, you could try supplements which might counter the problems and see if you feel better. Richard A. Van Konynenburg has written about these issues, and Amy Yasko who has also applied this work to autistic children.

I hope you feel better soon.


I doubt it matters that much whether you are coeliac or not when your reactions are so violent!

Take a look at the GAPS diet, which is specifically designed to help heal the gut.


The very first thing to do is an elimination diet. If you can't grow it, catch it or shoot it, don't eat it. Go back to the basics for at least 4 weeks, then every 4 days introduce food items back (i.e. dairy, wheat, gluten, etc.). You will figure out what your body wants/does not want. To eat "gluten free", you truly have to educate yourself as there are tons of items that have gluten that will shock you, ice cream, yoghurt, nuts, soya sauce, ketchup, relish. Then there is cross contamination. You can't go by the ingredient list for this reason. Gluten proteins are sticky. When a company packages a gluten containing item on machinery and then follows with other items that don't have gluten, they now do - cross contamination. You need to confirm with companies that their items are gluten free if it doesn't say "gluten free" on the packaging. The ingredient list is NOT reliable. It is well worth it to sacrifice bad food cravings to get healthy. Good luck!


Hi I take acidophilus tablets daily. I take one with breakfast and one with dinner. You can get them from Holland and Barret. They are a little costly, but totally worth it. Also I was so bad in the start that I was prescribed codeine. May be worth having a look at some kind of medicine to stop it when it is really bad? It's not great to chuck medicine at it, but a girls gotta work.


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