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I wonder if anyone can help with the following: I remember that when my sister was diagnosed witg CD about 17 yrs ago - in Italy-, she was put on a drip-feed to re-integrate her electrolytes...I'm sure I could do with something similar but the specialists I spoke to yesterday did not mention electrolytes and I believe the blood tests I had will mainly check iron, tyroid, vitamin d ...and I forgot to ask about electrolytes! Any suggestions in this sense? I have been taking multivitamins and a magnesium supplement for about three years and this has alleviated a tiny bit my fatigue...however I'm not sure if that's sufficient to reintegrate all the electrolytes I have been loosing in the course of I don't know how many years. Looking forward to receiving any info or suggestions! 😊

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Hi Angelias, this is an interesting question as I read recently that a so say modern hang over cure was a medication for babies with diarrhoea, which is basically electrolytes and I thought they sound like a good idea for coeliac when they are recovering from being glutened.

However you are waiting for your biopsy and or result, so if you are an undiagnosed coeliac then getting a diagnosis and going free should be effective without taking electrolytes.

You are young and should make a full recovery by going gluten free and if you have a very nutritious diet you should reap the benefits by feeling better sooner.

So my opinion is to wait for the biopsy result and then see if the specialist recommends any supplements, I used to take multi vitamins with iron for years before diagnosis but don't need them now, so hopefully you won't either soon.

And let us know how you get on with the biopsy/results as it must all be imminent now unless I've missed something, which isn't hard LOL...


Hi jerry,

Yes, since yesterday I am officially coeliac! 😊 ...I really hope that your predictions are right and that I will soon start to see a positive change in my health...I feel rather exhausted most of the time even though some days I feel more energic than others...I guess I just have to be patient! Thank you for your reply...your opinion is always very appreciated 😉


No harm in taking electrolytes. You can get them from any online bike shop, or amazon here I think I've even bought them in halfords.

It might do something when you're just giving up gluten but after a full recovery probably isn't necessary.


If you have constant diarrhoea from CD then it might be worth mentioning it to the doc, otherwise it's unlikely you need anything. You can buy sachets in Boots (which taste vile!). I have sports drinks with them in to replace lost salts after training.

I read your next post down and if you're okay to have alcohol then you probably don't need prescription drinks.


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