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Flu jab and coeliac disease. Am I entitled? And why am I now not at risk?

I have been diagnosed with coeliac disease for 2 years now and my GP has written to me each year saying I'm entitled to have a flu jab. I didn't have a flu jab but did get flu (both years).

So I now want the jab this year, but no letter and I called the GP and apparently I'm not entitled. This was the receptionist who went away to check with a nurse and I'm not in an "at risk group".

Coeliac UK does say I should be entitled but has anyone else had this argument? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

I live in Kent, UK.


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Hi Tim,

I too am coeliac but have never had the flu nor the flu jab. Nor have I been told I am entitled to having the flu jab. However, I wouldnt have the flu jab as I know other people who have had it and get flu like symptoms, however, if you are getting it a lot, I would ask you gp about it. I dont think coeliac is an 'at risk' category at all. Although it affects you digestive system, its a disease that doesnt really weaken the immune system, and if you're holding a strict gluten free diet, then if you get the flu, it probably has nothing to do with it. I'm not a doctor though, so I would ask one, and if you feel you need to have one ask them about it.


Hi I have coeliac disease and have always had the flu jab every year however the Nhs have changed the criteria now and there is a list of people who are entitled and we are not on it but I shall be paying for it as I would rather be protected from flu as it can be very nasty


Hi Subo. Thanks for your response, it clears up why I suddenly am now not entitled. I just wish the receptionist/nurse had the sense to tell me the criteria has changed this year rather then just saying I'm not entitled (almost insinuating that I had imagined their previous year's letters to me). I'm now off to get a paid one too.


Funny, I got a letter from my surgery inviting me for the jab. I politely declined, but good to know I can have it if I want..


Last year I was refused the Flu jab because coeliac's were no longer in the at risk group. My GP told me this year that last years jab did not work. Again is this down to PCT's instructing surgeries >


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