Stomach upset lasting so long

Hello there. I Was diagnosed coeliac 19 years ago and follow a gluten free diet. I wanted to seeing if any other fellow coeliacs have experienced the same thing. I'm 49 years old and in the last twelve months I've been struck down with two bouts of diarrhoea. Both have been doing the rounds at work. Now while others have suffered for 2 or 3 days, mine has hung around for much longer. The first time was 3 weeks and this current occasion is a week in with no signs of letting up. I'm hoping that I don't have 2 weeks to go. I have done the usual not eating for 24 hours, then introducing food, but this just puts me back to the beginning. I feel weak and listless as you can imagine. I saw my consultant after the first bout, who did an endoscopy and all was well. No nasty bugs detected by my GP either. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be prolonging the virus? I am also taking levothyroxine for low thyroid function, which of course, doesn't absorb and makes me feel worse. Any comments gratefully received, thank you 🤢

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  • I'm no doctor but is there something in your diet that you have been eating more recently that could have gluten (a sauce, condiments, spice.. ) cross contaminated food ? When you reintroduced food into your diet was it plain whole foods? Just some ideas to help you think about a possible cause. Is it a confirmed virus that you have or could it be that it's bad timing for a virus to be around along side something else your body is desling with .. sorry I don't have a definitive answer.

  • Hi Kb22. I'm awaiting test results, it takes 5 days. I think I caught it from a colleague and now passed into my partner, so think it's definitely a bug, viral or bacterial. I always doubt the food I've eaten, thinking I've been glutened, but this feels different if you know what I mean. Doc says it not unusual to last 7 days. I just see others bouncing back to health! Thank you for your reply 🤢

  • Just a thought, but have you had your B12 checked?

  • Hello Greenbexy. No i haven't. Would that have an affect on my recovery?

  • Well, many symptoms of B12, one being upset stomach/diarrhoea and another tiredness, but the list is quite long! Also thinking that as you have coeliac, absorption problems. B12 is something I would have thought your doctor would have tested as it can be caused by pernicious anaemia amongst other things like poor absorption, and is another autoimmune disorder. I'm the other way round, found my B12 low so looking for reasons such as coeliac or digestive problems. Might be worth getting a blood test for folate, iron and B12 as they all work together. Not medically trained but done some research on my own ailments!

  • I have never looked into this, but have always wondered about the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Thanks Greenbexy 😊

  • Hi following on from comments regarding absorption of vitamins and minerals, ask for vitamin D test as well, this does not store in the body so if not absorbing well you could be diffient, unless you live in a sunny climate and get plenty from sunshine. Many people have this in the uk due to our climate

  • Hi, Sometimes even though I haven't eaten gluten, I still get diaorraeh. I think if you are celiac as we are, maybe we are intolerant to other ingredients. I think soya affects me . As your digestive system is compromised I would think it is harder to recover from a virus or bacterial infection. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Fatima66. Thank you for your reply. I think I am going to give a probiotic a go for a few weeks, to see if it improves things. I normally have quite a stable gut. Just these last couple of tummy bugs that have been difficult to recover from and have really knocked me side ways.

  • Oh something else you should be checked for is Helicobacter Pylori, aka H.Pylori, this is a bacterial infection that can burrow its way into the lining of the stomach wall, if left untreated it can cause ulcers and gut problems like acid reflux etc. It's a simple stool test, if present the treatment is usually triple therapy, two types of antibiotics and acid reducing meds PPI's. Need to rule it out.

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