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I'm actively hunting for a solution to my auto immune situation, I'm Hashimoto, have a few allegies for which I take anti histamine pill most days and arthritis in my fingers. I take a T4+ T3 combination after many years of Just T4 Levothyrox. I live in France and we have Just had a recent scandal aboutisse New version of Levo (excipient changed From lactose to another product) which caused many adverse effects and symptoms among patients, some stress related, factor Placebo. In any case I decided to change as I was myself suffering from Bad Brain Fog and a few other symptôms. I Now take the T4+3 Eurthyral from Sanofi. Much improvement and no regrets about adding T 3, however my arthritis in my hands is really painful and swollen. I suppose lactose excipient is partly to blame. I'm on a Gluten and lactose free diet for 10 months Now. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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  • Cut sugar and reduce alcohol right down and try nettle tea a natural antihistamine?

  • Hi Viv

    I have no experience of thyroid problems but perhaps you could have a look at The Autoimmune Protocol by Sarah Ballantyne?

    She writes about how food may affect Autoimmune conditions and suggests ways of changing your diet that may help to alleviate symptoms. It's an extensive exclusion diet, modified paleo, with suggestions on how to reintroduce foods later. It's a big, heavy book, but she has a website.

  • Hi

    I have done the Sarah Ballantyne autoimmune protocol low FODMAP diet with gradual reintroductions and it has transformed my health and I am almost symptom free. Whenever I break the diet my symptoms start to return so I am convinced it is working. Good luck.

  • Thanks Penel and Kate37, indeed that is the basis of my diet for 10 months now, except here where I live in France it's called Jean Signalet diet, or Paleo. I had great results early on, but dropped back with inflammatory problems in my hands, the reason for my request for other - more of- solutions. It is possible that the thyroid medecine is partly responsable as it can cause inflamatory problems, I read that natural thyroid extract reduces the side effects of the levothyroxine.

    thanks for your input, I must make sure that I dont digress like yesterday (fish n chips) and I paid the price with stomach pains all evening and indigestion!!!!

  • Penel: does the mediterranean climate and food make any difference to your general health? Does the sun and lots of Vit D make a difference?

  • The Mediterranean diet seems to give good health results for many people, lots of fresh veg, fish and olive oil. There are some studies that have shown it can help with arthritis symptoms. I've had some problems with the nightshade family in the past, but can now eat some tomato and potato.

    The weather certainly seems to make a difference to my touch of arthritis, not sure if it's psychological or not. Vitamin D is vital, so as long as you don't get burnt, the more sun the better.

  • It might be worth working with a functional health practitioner who can order further studies into other factors which could be causing problems/ contributing

  • yes you're right, I've had a number of useful comments, I'll work on them all in January after Xmas.

    Enjoy your holidays all of you out there

  • Might be worth looking at the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) book and website 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle'. Focus is on eliminating complex, difficult to digest carbohydrates, especially starches and processed foods and sugars. It completely eliminated my arthritis within a few months.

  • Well I need to look into that. Many thanks

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