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Coeliac Blood Test Results?


I have recently had numerous blood tests undertaken due to being extremely poorly.

One of the tests was a FBC, Thyroid and Vit D and the other was for Coeliacs Disease!

The FBC, Thyroid and Vit D was done on the Monday and I got a call at work first thing on Tuesday morning to go into Dr's.

My Iron levels were non existent (thought I felt tired) and Dr put me on Ferrous Sulphate - 1 x 200mg tablet, 3 x a day!

But he asked me to get another Iron blood test done before starting to take the tablets as this would give a false reading. This test was a more in depth iron test.

The results of this test came back as abnormal and I was told this was to be expected and the tablets I am now taking will correct this.

The rest of the FBC including Vit D and Thyroid are normal!

The test results for Coeliacs came back today and I was told that there were two parts to this test and that one part has been flagged as "normal, no further treatment required" and the other half was "abnormal"?

The Dr left a note attached to this saying she wanted me to make an appointment to see her for a chat and I was advised not to worry!

Well of course when I'm told not to worry - I worry!!

Could anyone explain the two parts to this test and what could have shown as abnormal?

I do have a non urgent appointment on 9th October to "chat" to my Dr, but any thoughts from you in the meantime would be helpful?!

Thank you :)

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There's some info about the blood tests here.

My guess (and I'm no expert) is that one test says you have CD, and the other says you don't. So nothing to worry about, just an inconclusive blood test.


It's difficult to say without knowing exactly what the tests for Coeliac are as there are a few of them. You could ask at reception for a copy of the results and if you post them on here with the results and the ranges then maybe someone can help.

If you do have Coeliac that is a likely explanation for your low iron. Did he also test for Ferritin as this test is usual too? I recently was diagnosed with Coeliac and it was low iron that made the doctor realise that something else was wrong. Good luck with your next appointment :)


Thank you for your reply.

I have almost always got low B12 and Folate and am used to the problems that causes, but the low iron finishes me off!

I will ask lots of questions next week at my Dr's appointment and hopefully get to the bottom of it all.

It's my tongue - it's so sore, and my stomach makes awful noises along with the diarrhoea ...not forgetting the lethargy!

When will it end?!

I'm due my B12 injection as well so am quite low anyway...

PS - yes he tested for Ferritin :)


Sore tongues can be due to many different things - low B12, under active thyroid. The key is to see the results and question them - don't just accept the lab or doctor saying they are in range. For example the range for TSH is often about .5 to 4.5. The lab may say you are in range at 4.5 but most people feel better nearer to 1. For ferritin the range is very wide and if you are the bottom you will have symptoms of tiredness, hair loss etc. The recommendation is to be at halfway for symptoms to be relieved.

Hopefully the B12 injection will help. If you do have a gut absorption issue at least this bypasses it. I have read on here that it is possible to have an iron transfusion - it might be worth doing a search for information on that if you are so very low.

It sounds like your doctor is being thorough with the tests so hopefully you will start to get some answers.


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