NutrEval Plus and FACT Test results!

Hi people, i have had a NutrEval Plus Fact test done, and my results have returned. It did cost an awful lot of money, but it could possibly be the best money ever spent. This shows everything at root level, Minerals, amino acids,vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, neurotransmitters, malabsorption markers, cellular and mitochondrial metabolites, toxic elements, cardio risk, krebs cycle and much more.

Whilst my NHS tests show normal bloods, this test shows many elements that need attention, 3 areas of significance have reared up. Very low vit D, borderline B12 (cobalamin) and very low Folic acid. Whilst my MMA levels and Homocysteine levels are normal,i do have parietal cell antibodies, but intrinsic factor seems intact, and have heard you can still have Pernicious Anemia with this combination, although usually intrnsic factor is a factor, i am inclined to believe that Anemia could possibly be the reason i am still fatigued on thyroid meds, this would be a major breakthrough combined with Vit D and am hoping some B12 injection along with folic and Vit D may bring me from my depths of despair.

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  • Hi Paul,

    I am pleased that this test has worked out for you and at least you will now know how to begin to make things better for yourself. As you know I had my reservations from our earlier exchange - but I am pleased that this was a worthwhile test. Perhaps I am watching too many Watchdog programmes! Lol! Or may be it is that I have been scammed a little too many times myself. Seriously, though it is wonderful to know that 'something does as it says on the tin' - pardon the cliché!!

    If you wish to show the results - there are two ways of doing it that I know of. You could make a simple website in Google - Blogspot and upload the pdf and put the link here on GFG or you could take the pdf and split it into a series of photographs - if you have no experience of this then the 'snip-it' tool on the PC is fairly easy to use - just open your pdf onto the screen - find the place you wish to copy and click onto the scissors - this makes the screen fog over - then you click the left-hand corner of the area to be copied and pull back with the mouse. Click copy on the disk picture after the word new and save to your PC. The series of pictures are then ready to be added to any blogspot and the link could be placed here.

    Sadly, as yet we have no way, at least that I know of - of adding pdf's or multiple pictures for information, which is often a shame as I always think of the old saying 'a picture tells a thousand words!'

    If you managed to show us - I for one would be very interested.


  • Thanks Lynxcat. I'll have a try so bear with me . :)

  • Hi Paul, See whether this helps:

    There are several other small instruction videos on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • I've sorted it i think Lynxcat. Let me know if you can view it! :)

  • Hi Paul, Where have you placed the link? :)

  • At the bottom of my blog.

  • Thanks for sharing, Paul. It's quite an extensive amount of information Paul. Where do you go from here - do they recommend that you discuss it with your GP to make sure that you can achieve the correct doses of natural supplements? Chemical ones, I believe may create further depletions.

  • Hi Paul

    Thanks SO much for posting this!

    The first thing i noticed-we share a birthday! Lol but I am much older!

    I have had food and preservative allergies for 30years+

    Coeliac for 18 years

    Very little action at GPs-very little knowledge-i have had tests done by nhs but they never show up anything!

    Can you tell me how much this test was please?

  • Hi Paul

    As you may have noticed we're always blogging and warning people about the dangers of low vitamin D, B12 (the risk of Pernicious Anemia another auto-immune disease associated with coeliac and thyroid problems). Hope you can now get some booster injections of VitD and B12 and get your NHS doctors to monitor your levels. Although some people are told they are fine and within the large B12 range some people find they need boosters. The NHS NICE guidelines are that anyone who has pernicious anemia should receive B12 injections at least every 3 mths. You would need a test to test for intrinsic factor anti-bodies. These tests usually place the blood on ice for testing to aid analysis and test if you have pernicious anemia. Thyroid problems can lead to pernicious anaemia which can in turn lead to a very rare slow growing type of cancer that one of our team has. So do let us know the results and we'll recommend some other tests you may also want the NHS to explore in future if you are positive for pernicious anaemia based on our personal experience.


  • This is a really really interesting thread. Since April I have been really struggling then about a month or so ago I noticed that I had not been as vigilant with doing my B12 injections as I normally am and had missed one or two. I started going back over my diary and in fact I was all over the place. Although I have put it in my diary, computer issues had mucked it up and so I was down to memory which is a bad thing with this condition. Long story short I started giving myself them once a week for a boost and I cant believe how much better I am feeling.

    Whats annoying is that NHS blood tests all came back "normal"! I have hashi too so what test should I be asking them to do or are the tests you have had done all private?

  • Hi Ellen. Allthese tests are done privately. But you will also need a private practitioner to order and interpret them for you. If you decide to try this route, i know a good practitioner in Central London......Although you may not live that close. :)

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