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Coeliac blood test results normal?

Asked receptionist who said one result was 2 and the other was 10, and that this was normal, no action required.

Will ask GP for print out, so I know exactly what result was for which test, as reception said they can't explain it, just that its normal.

Just wondered if anyone here could hazard a guess as to what tests these two results were from, and if these really are normal?

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hi there - it's really hard to know without knowing what they were for, and what the ranges are.

I'd hazard a guess at ttg for the 2 (normal is 0-7 often) and the iga-deficiency test for the 10 (normal over 5 often - I think). But honestly I could be completely wrong (it's been known...) - you need to know what each test was for, and what the ranges are in the particular lab that your doc uses (they do vary).

If by any chance one of these tests WASN"T to check your overall iga-defiency, then a non-positive ttg doesn't mean much. Mine were (incorrectly) negative for years.

So basically a total guess on my part ;) You do need to find out more - very good luck! X


Thank you for hazarding a guess for me, I know it's a bit vague without the print out! Another trip to the doctors soon I think, as even with a normal result, I'm still not feeling right. There must be some explanation if not coeliac. Thank you xx


The receptionist should not be telling you no further action is needed, after all having a blood test hasn't suddenly made you symptomless! They are not trained to interpret results. Go back and find out why you are ill (by seeing a doctor!) - don't discuss it with the receptionist.


I have an appointment for Wednesday with a GP so will discuss it then. I'm thinking it has to be some kind of IBS or something, we'll see.

Thank you.


My husband's blood work came back negative (that he was not allergic); however, it was obvious he was allergic and our GP diagnosed him as "gluten enteropathy". The story is long. I created a You Tube video as he was recently diagnosed with Diverticulitis and I truly believe he has this condition from years of eating gluten (not knowing it). If you're interested in my video, let me know and I will send you a link to it.


Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy is another name for Coeliac Disease which isn't an allergy it's an autoimmune disease.

Diverticular disease is a disease of old age and not helped by poor dietary and bowel habits (like constipation and insufficient roughage). Bowels tend to sag with age and pockets form which can become infected. It's said 1 in 3 Americans over 60 have diverticula. It isn't anything to do with CD but any inflammatory bowel disorder won't help an already distended colon.


Thanks for the info Jacks! I am the same age as my husband and had a colonscopy/endoscopy and I do not have any pouches. I have eaten gluten free since he was diagnosed as there is no point making 2 meals. I had my gallbladder taken out and prior to them finding out what my issues were I had several tests. We also spoke with a "natural caregiver" who said that it is "likely" that his pouches were formed as a result of eating gluten when allergic. I am curious to find out from others what their experiences were. Testimonials from others can be very useful! :)


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