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Gluten Free Bread in Melbourne


Hi, I am going to Melbourne shortly on holiday, I go quite often but have never managed to find any nice bread or rolls etc, I usually end up buying my bread from Coles, which is ok'ish, any recommendations. I am staying in Cheltenham, but do have transport to enable me to go elsewhere.

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Good question we have Aussie members so fingers crossed you get some tips!

You could try googling gluten free bread In Melbourne. I generally google the places I am going to abroad or put a question on the coeliac pages on Facebook. Both of these I have found helpful in the past.

Many thx judithr, will try this..........

Jerry in reply to Hollyberry

Hi , The Silly Yak bakery is in Melbourne, please see:

Jerry in reply to Jerry


This is in Northcote which's a district of Melbourne

Jerry, Brilliant, I have had a look at the site and intend to order some, many many thanks.


Hi Hollyberry.

I can certainly recommend Silly Yaks but be prepared to eat yummy pies, pizza, Cakes and toast. It is like going into a lolly store when we were younger.

Every time I go to Melbourne this is one of my must do things.

Have you tried the Country Life bread from the bread isle in major supermarkets. It is very edible when fresh a makes great toast as well. BTW the tram goes right past the bakery.

Hi Roscoe,

Wish I had access to this site before, I now can't wait to go into this "lolly" store when I arrive in Melbourne.

Not sure re the Country Life bread, have tried some from Coles (1 supermarket) but was not impressed, but will get certainley check this out when I get there. Thanks..............


Hi Hollyberry.

Many food outlets in Melbourne cater very well for coeliacs. Some of the best pizza I have had was easily located. Have a great trip.

This also may interest you, I've chatted to the original owner of the Silly yak bakery in Melbourne so I can confirm what Roscoe says about their cafe as its dedicated gluten free, so you will feel safe eating there.

If you go to the States then this site will be a mine of info, the Yahoo Sillyyaks group in the US:

I am fascinated by how other coeliac around the world deal with having CD and there's a whole bunch of us who hang around many sites thanks to the internet.

As Rocoe says have a great trip and do let us know how you get on.

Thanks Jerry,

This site is so good, and yes I visit the States yearly also, so this will be very helpfull.

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