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Rice free gluten free bread



I'm cutting out gluten and I'm trying to reduce gluten for my daughter but children can't have too much rice due to the arsenic.

Do you know any gluten free breads that do not have any rice in please?

And easy toddler friendly snack/lunch carb ideas that aren't potatoes, buckwheat pasta or oatcakes please?

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I think you may need to look into the possibility of making your own bread and cakes etc from scratch using your own preferred flour blend as a good many products that are on the free from shelves do have some rice content. Not sure if the processing of these foods would ‘wash’ any arsenic traces away for you to be happy that it is an acceptable level. You could contact a couple of companies who make the breads to see what their response to your query would be.

Is your daughter diabetic?


No not diabetic. She gets constipated, bloated and bad skin when eating lots of gluten.

Why? Thanks

Rice is very carby and you wanted gluten free and rice free bread.😀

Can I just ask why you’re cutting out Gluten, unless it’s because you have Coeliac Disease (which I do) or gluten intolerance I wouldn’t. My husband joined me in Gluten free eating and it sent his cholesterol levels way up, his weight went up, his blood sugars went up and his kidney function fluctuates. I would seek to a doctor about this especially for your your child. Unless you stick to all fresh and no processed food it is a very high fat high sugar diet and can do more harm than good. I have no choice in the matter and do not understand why people choose to go gluten free x

tiredBFmum in reply to Weeannie


I have been tested for coeliac and I'm not according to the current blood tests.

However I felt absolutely dreadful on the gluten challenge prior to blood test. GP said that over the next five years or so they will probably find other types of non coeliac gluten intolerance. If it helps my painful and inconvenient IBS, acne, and energy etc then the GP said to cut it out. Gluten isn't an essential nutrient and is a gut irritant for lots of people that aren't coeliac.

Not sure why gluten free has to be high fat or high sugar??

Current swaps are sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnip, cauliflower, butternut squash, buckwheat pasta, lentil or pea pasta, sugar free cornflakes, polenta, gluten free oats, oatcakes, occasional rice or rice cakes.

I'm sorry your husband felt worse gluten free. That's a shame. What did he end up eating when he went gluten free that you think made his health worse? I'm interested. Thanks

i am, too, as my weight shot up, like Weeannie's husband's. I think it's the initial shock of trying to replace our usual things, like bread, pasta, cookies. Those items that are GF tend to be much higher in calories. I'm trying to control my sweet tooth and eat an apple, instead!

If you and your family are ok with chick peas, you could try roasted chick peas as a snack. Chick pea flour, or gram flour, also makes good pancakes / flatbreads for lunch (known as 'socca' or 'farinata' )

Some of the Biona bread range is rice free.


Hi there, I agree with Penel on pancakes or flat breads and here's a really unusual but easy pancake recipe using just banana and egg:


@Weeannie: I was just diagnosed, too, and was horrified to see my weight shoot up. I've always been able to eat just about anything I want without gaining weight. What a shame to have to be on the gluten-free diet which can be pretty tasteless, AND lose the ability to stay thin no matter what. No mercy!

I don't like so-called gluten-free bread. It is tasteless and has the consistency of cardboard. It is slightly more acceptable if toasted and covered in butter, but this doesn't improve your weight.

Can I suggest that you try real sourdough, where the dough is fermented with yeast and lactobacillus.. The combination of the two destroys the gluten and also the fructans that cause bloating and symptoms similar to being glutened in people who are sensitive to wheat but are not fully coeliac.

As it's name suggests, it has a vinegary sour taste, but at least has the consistency of proper bread . It is an acquired taste but you may soon get used to it.

A word of warning though. Some suppliers such as Tesco make a fake sourdough bread, which is ordinary bread with added vinegar. If you are coeliac, you should avoid this like the plague. It's easy to spot because it includes acetic acid in the list of ingredients. Proper sourdough will still have wheat.as an ingredient, but there should be no added acetic acid.

Potato bread is gluten free that is the bread I eat

I LOVE potato bread but so far can't find it here in the New England area.

Popcorn mini cakes , popcorn chips ,gluten free pretzels in (mustard onion honey tast),those two are delightful for kids .

By the way ! latins eat rice every day including the kids the way they do it is to rinse the rice very well deep in water and the best is organic barsmatic rice ..Best of luck

Potato bread sounds delicious !! 🙂

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