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Hi All.

Just wanted to pass on a recommendation for some gluten free bread that I recently started to enjoy. When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease I was given some 'bread' that was awful. I wont name it but if I say it looked like a piece of foam and that if you squeezed it into a ball and threw it against the wall it would stick like putty,you may know which brand I mean. Someone then suggested I try Warburtons which was a great improvement and actually looked and almost tasted like ordinary bread. It was over the Christmas period that,as I had nearly run out of bread and the pharmacy could not get any Warburtons,that the pharmacist recommended I try Lifestyle fresh bread. I was very pleasantly surprised with the look and taste of this bread.It's the closest thing to real bread I've tasted and I would suggest that anyone who doesn't eat bread because of the poor taste should give this a try. It's made by Lifestyle Healthcare who don't have a website but any pharmacist should be able to order it.


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  • Thanks for the tip Alan, just to add to this, it helps to know the pip code for foods on prescription so here's a useful link for those of you who get food on script :

    Another independent gf bakery worth checking out is Wellfoods and their director is not only a coeliac but a member of GFG, her secret is not safe with me LOL :

    I think that it's great to have a positive post and to pass on views of gf products worth trying,


  • Many thanks for the post.. I shall need to try it again because last time I tried it I did not like it.

    Since then I have been happy with Genius.

  • No free scrips for Australia.

  • Fellow Aussies too Roscoe, wouldn't it be nice? Have you checked out our website - ?

  • Had a quick look. Glad its not advertising though.

  • Hi; I just wanted to share with everyone, that I have just started making my own GF & DF bread using a Panasonic bread maker. I am using Wellfoods alternative flour which I get on prescription and its brilliant lovely texture and actually tastes like normal bread, it doesn't even crumble in the toaster:) x Also they are very helpful with any queries which is a bonus, only down side I can only have one 1kg bag on prescription:( It can be used also for dough, cakes, pizza bases etc... Try out their website they are situated in Barnsley Yorkshire lots of info for Coeliacs:)

  • Good morning, Belated happy new year to you all... Wellfoods flour only comes in the 1kg size. What I would that you have the loaf...either plain or sliced...available on script...and use the flour for other things.....cakes pastry, Yorkshire puds etc etc. The bakers make a far better bread than I do...and I am having g/f new seasons rhubarb crumble for lunch today...(yum). Would confirm its gluten free, dairy free, no codex, and the bakery is now totally nut makes a difference to some people. Email me at work if you need further advice....

  • Does Lifestyle have codex in or is it wheat free? Is there soya in it?

  • Hi Apricot thanks for ur message:) x I know that they only come in 1 kg bags but I wanted more than just the one bag on script, I only wanted two bags so I could make four loaves each month don't think that's alot to ask for? My doc will only allow me one bag of flour and as a treat (as he says!) he'll let me have a box of cereal too! (per month may I had) Then goes on to tell me I won't be gettin anything once the law changes about Coeliacs gettin food stuff on script. You can tell he's not Coeliac can't you! I may try ordering some stuff from Wellfoods myself?

  • I've always wondered how people managed to get anything on prescription because I was never told about it by any GP! To be fair I haven't pursued it once I found out many years later, because I also can't have yeast, so bread was no good for me anyway and have rarely eaten any of the processed gluten free stuff from the supermarkets because there's always something - yeast, sugar, soya - in it that I can't have, so I assumed I wouldn't be able to eat what was available anyway. I didn't realise there were flours available as well! Probably not worth finding out if anything is suitable on prescription now since it's going to be withdrawn soon anyway, but wondering if any of the gluten free flours would be suitable for me!? Does anyone know if the ingredients are posted on line? I've had a very poor experience of GP's with regard to coeliacs, but perhaps that has been coloured by the prejudice against me regarding having M.E. as well!!

  • If you look on Wellfoods website all the ingredients are listed and the same for most companies I would think? The dietitian told me about food on script, some people get pasta, crackers, rolls etc... It depends were you live and how kind your GP is. I pay for my prescriptions yearly I don't get them free:(

    If you ring up the companies and ask they will advise you better.

  • Thanks suemoly. I've seen umpteen dietitians over the years and none of them have told me this and even when we paid for prescriptions my GP's weren't kind enough to tell me about it! I've been gluten free over 20 years. Not worth crying over spilt milk. I'll look up Wellfords and the other companies web sites and see what I can find and might phone them. In Edinburgh there is a local cafe called Loudons, who do their own baking on the premises and do a gluten free and yeast free loaf as well as various gluten free cakes, which unfortunately contain a lot of sugar! I need to try and find out the rest of the ingredients before buying a whole loaf, which you have to order, but I have tried a few slices in the cafe and didn't have any immediate reaction and it was nice if a bit sweet tasting. Had a good texture, which I think is the problem with a lot of gluten free stuff. It's a bit of a lottery though, because as is usual with most places, they make the gluten free stuff in the same kitchen as gluten stuff, so there is always the risk of cross contamination! I like the idea of trying to make something at home myself where I can be more certain I won't be glutened.

  • Hi Enquiring, just to add to this, firstly you will find it useful to have the PIP code so your GP can give you a script for exactly what you want so here's a list of PIP codes:

    Many of these companies have web sites so you can get the ingredients first.

    The other thing worth considering is a prescription prepayment certificate PPC and here's how to get one and their cost plus savings:

    (This may not apply to you as you live in Edinburgh as you have free scripts up there I believe)

    The other thing that I would look into once you've got your flour is recipes for flat breads and pancakes are ideal for you and easy to make.

    And good luck,


  • Thanks Jerry. I will be looking into whether there is anything suitable for me on prescription. I have made pancakes for years using rice flour for breakfast, however I think I may have to stop eating dairy, at least for a while, so having to look for alternatives. Because my ability to eat things is severely limited, there may not be anything suitable on prescription, but worth having a look :-)

  • What new law, I am so lucky my Gp would let me have my 14 points on anything every month, although I rarely use it all.

  • It was suemoly who mentioned the law changing, but I remembered hearing something about this myself. Sorry, not sure what it is exactly though!?? APsnotFab below this comment doesn't think it is changing, so hopefully someone on here can clarify.

  • Lucky you having such a helpful GP Hollyberry :-)

  • I've just put my latest order in - 8 units. I'm happy to buy what I can in supermarkets but this is for stuff that is harder to get.

  • Hi, Yes I agree Warburtons bread is great, they also do very good rolls.

  • As far as I know the law or anything else for that matter is not changing so that GF food will be stopped on Prescription! There are a very small number of CCG's that limit a few things to their Celiac patients like fresh bread or some crackers but that is all.

    If you feel that you should be receiving free prescriptions because you are a Celiac then you should pursue this with your GP. Check with Celiac UK first to see what the current situation is as they know who is affected by what!

  • Hi I like Sainsburys own brand multi seeded cheaper than other brands and tastes great

  • I use genius brown bread which tastes ok.

  • my GP used to give me free breads etc on scrip but since the change in GP run surgeries, has refused to, says its too expensive, even though the dietitian and borough i live in say I should receive it, So now am not sure what to do, probably go back to eating as little bread as possible, and use other sources of carb, potato and veggies

  • Hi Venetia, you're entitled to around 15 units per month so you can take it up with your gut specialist who diagnosed you and they will put your GP straight. Or if you have another Dr's practice near by you could change Dr's and get one who is more reasonable.

    I like to be independent and I don't like the hassle of having to get a script for any of my food but that's my choice and it should be your choice and not be at the whim of your GP so stand up for your self and your choices, that's my opinion, so good luck and let us know how you get on as this could affect more coeliac in the future, so remember it's your entitlement and you have GFG members on your side.


  • I don't think there is an 'entitlement' - it's up to your CCG about how much and what you can have. They do vary.

  • Hi Claudio, gf food on prescription is a bit of a post code lottery and Oxford were one of the first to make restrictions on what could be ordered and how much and other areas have followed suit.

    Here's a link to Oxford's statement and if you scroll down is says how many units coeliac can have per month depending on age sex etc please see:

    There was a lot in the papers like the Daily Mail with stories like gluten free pizza base costs the NHS £35 with delivery and handling charges, it was sad really as it was like the press was coeliac bashing and many coeliac felt upset and threatened by these stories,

    I don't get food on script so things may have moved on, I just keep an eye on all things 'coeliac' and try and support other coeliac and their choices, so if a coeliac is being denied treatment or food on script then I'm 100% on their side.


  • Thanks always on the lookout for new bread, I and also like Juvela Fibre Fresh Bread...

  • Thanks for this info. I have just cancelled the Genius range with my G.P to try this lifestyle one. I'll give you my verdict soon. x

  • Hello everyone

    My favourite gluten free bread is Waitrose love life, you can get seeded brown or white and they also do buns. I prefer the sliced loafs, it is the only bread I can eat fresh without toasting etc. The only problem is its not available on prescription, but I would still recommend you trying it, I believe it is better than Warburton and genius.

    Hope this is useful


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