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Gluten Free Sourdough Bread


Hi I'm new and find the posts really interesting, my son was diagnosed with IBS when he was 14, but his symptoms didn't improve following doctors advice, so following a friends advice I removed gluten from his diet and he hasn't been unwell since (unless some sneeky gluten gets in, when we're eating out) he's almost 21 now and is super healthy, I follow the same diet as him and feel much better too. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a recipe for a multi seed brown sourdough bread - I like the Kelkin one but they generate so much plastic waste and are quite expensive. Thank you!

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Have you thought of making your own? The River Cottage Gluten Free recipe book has a few sourdough recipes which I'm sure could be made into multiseed. I have to admit to not having tried any of them yet, although I've made a few of the other bread recipes from the book & they've been delicious.

You probably already know that sourdough does take a long time to make, though. In fact, all of the breads in the book need to be planned well in advance as they take a good few hours from start to finish, but the end result has been worth it.

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I've also got Naomi Devlin's River Cottage book and definitely recommend it. She's got good clear instructions about how to make your GF sourdough starter and there's allsorts you can do with it once it's made. Her recipe for scones has also got to be tried - they are delicious and somewhere between a scone and a rock cake - much tastier than any other scone recipe that I've tried :)

Here's one of her recipes that you could try if you haven't seen it before - I've done this once and I like the good mix of flours and ground almonds keeps it nice and moist with a good texture:

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Also found this from Naomi Devlin's blog which gives you instructions to make the sourdough starter:




Josefin in reply to SjogiBear

Thank you!

Josefin in reply to gfmum1

Thank you so much for the recommendation - I'll definately look it up and I'll let you know how I get on! :-)

Josefin in reply to gfmum1

That's wonderful thank you so much - oooh I can't wait to get going! :-)

gfmum1 in reply to Josefin

Good luck! I enjoyed making the breads. I must say they didn't last long - but that was because I couldn't stop eating them!

Hi are you in the uk. If so try marks and spencer gf sourdough. Fab. All the breads sold here are great unlike many supermarket ones that resemble cardboard. Expensive but a slice a day and it's worth it.


Thank you so much :-)

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