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hypothryroid and skin issues ? anyone know of a correlation between hives and random groups of spaced itchy bumps on thighs and lower torso?

i have hypo thryroid. i was taking 137 of synthroid, and 5 of cytomel. my new endocrinoigist dropped my synthroid to 125 a year ago and kept the cytomel at 5. my hair starting falling out at an alarming rates and still is, its been doing this for over 8 months. i have half as much hair. i have been to dermatologists about this, and have since changed my endocrinologist. just last week i have started on armour thyroid 90 and am taking antihistamines, i am trying to figure out if these unusual skin issues are thyroid related. and if my hair issue as well. my endocrinologist suggests perimenopause but all my hormone tests do not support that. my endocrinologist is fixated on TSH determining dosage. my dermatologist says i have too much histamine in my system and i should take benadryl. they do not agree with each other about what is going on with me and i am looking for an insight, an answer. any one have similar experience and success remedying it? anyone have an idea? i am venturing into a low histamine diet, ditching aged cheeses, cured meats, chocolate, alcohol, coffee, dried fruits. whats left? actually a lot! is this an undertreated hypo thyroid problem?

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If you are taking an antihistamine it could be that you have an underlying allergy, Coeliac's do produce more histamine than normal people because they have an elevated amount of mast cells. Your hives are not coeliac related (my opinion). A lot of what you are removing from your diet may suggest an allergy, do you have allergic reactions? Anaphylaxis?

As well as having CD I have a Formaldehyde Allergy and not only react to foods but also the environment, this has been researched/tested since it first appeared and now to be clinically diagnosed after seven years.

Your problems might also be attributed to your living ie shampoo's/soap's/ detergents/household cleaners it is through elimination. Eating/cooking from fresh is far healthier and so is less chemical use.


Hi turmeric

Sorry to hear about your health problems. Having specialists who disagree must be a nightmare.

Have you been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Or gluten sensitivity?

There is a Hypothyroid group on Health Unlocked which might help.


How long have you had the itchy bumpy patches? I had similar for 4 months - I was convinced it was food-related but after biopsy it turned out to be acute folliculitis with an infection of staphylococcus aureus. A week of top-strength clindamycin (orally) sorted it out.


P.S. weaker antibiotics didn't work - I was on a bog-standard AB for 3 weeks that only suppressed it a little and didn't clear it - as soon as I was off them it came back worse.

I am against docs doling out ABs like sweets but I think if you're going to take them, you must have something that is up to the job and will nail the infection in one course of treatment.

Prescribers under-dosing on strength is probably responsible for a lot of resistant bacterial strains developing!


Hello, I would suggest posting this on the Thyroid UK health unlocked site instead as you will be talking to the hypothyroid experts i.e. other hypothyroid sufferers :-) allergies can certainly be a symptom of hypoT and there is someone on that site who has had very bad histamine problems and overcome them. He goes by the name of pureT3paul or Paul Robinson so it is worth looking him up. He has posted his experiences as blogs and had also published a book - v good read. Hope you get things sorted :-) xx


It's likely a sluggish lymph system. It's processing toxic agents.

Field Control Therapy can detect which agents are causing the problems, and treat the lymph system directly.

I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but know of UK practitioners of FCT.



Hi Turmeric,

Just saw your post so apologies for late answer, but think I can throw some light on your issue. I suffer from Hives (Urticaria) rashes and Hashimoto's Thyroid too. There are important crossovers between thyroid function, gluten and the immune system, which I only discovered when I became really ill last year with loads of both allergic and hypothyroid symptoms (despite TSH levels being normalised under Thyroxine!).

Firstly, if your hair is falling out it is possible your thyroid is undertreated, but this could be an absorption and conversion issue. The T4 (Thyroxine) hormone needs to be absorbed by the body and converted into the active T3 hormone at a cellular level in order to work properly. (TSH levels are taken from blood and therefore don't show this!) If you are gluten-intolerant or Coeliac (many Hypothyroid sufferers are) this conversion, in my experience, doesn't take place properly, leaving you with many Hypothyroid symptoms. More info on this can be found via Dr Kharrazian and Dr Chris Kresser's website.

Armour thyroid contains some T3 so will help you, but I believe a completely gluten-free diet will help you even more! My urticaria, systemic inflammation and allergic symptoms calmed down immensely once I began following a strict gluten free diet and moreover, my Hypo symptoms like memory fog, aches and low energy eased loads too. It will take a few months, but hair loss should reverse too, once your system is calmer and working efficiently again.

Also be aware, as Pretender previously mentioned, that allergies can be implicated as a cross-over factor. Its important to keep the immune system as calm as possible. My grass pollen allergy worsens all of my symptoms.

A couple of other things regards hair loss. I found using natural hair dyes, conditioners and shampoos really important to getting my hair back to full health. Chemicals, parabens and SLS present in commercial products will further weaken your hair/scalp and be aware of avoiding products with Vitamin E sourced from wheat-germ! There's a wealth of info about natural hair treatments at the renaissance henna website, but a good start would be to purchase some Cassia Obovata as a treatment.

Good luck and best wishes, Rita


If the lumps are very itchy and red you could have Nodular Purigo which is something I have as well as underactive thyroid, gluten intolerance, reflux.


Don't have itchy lumps but have itchy sore skin of the labia which my doctor says not related to thyroid but had it since ive been thyroid.had 3 lots of different creams which are not working its some sort of phyrosis I think.Its a week now slight improvement but not good enough reilly getting me down .Shall be going back again can any one help .,


Hi Mirabelle,

I suffered from something similar. Ask your doctor for some Dermol wash and use it to clean down below every time you have a wee, it works for me. I read that something in the urine (like hormones) can irritate the delicate skin. It seems to happen to women around peri-menopause so probably hormone related.


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