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Has anyone else?

I had been to a Tribunal and an issue of a Coeliac Professor was raised, Prognosis: Excellent if remains on a gluten free diet. Knowing I had a problem with one ingredient I avoided that but bought other gluten free foods, what can you guess happened.....bloating, weight loss, constipation and loss of appetite. now ignoring this advice and back to my restricted diet.

Has anyone else experienced the same or similar?

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I do not understand this question. Can anyone help?


Hi pretender,

I thought you'd been given an additional diagnosis of reacting to something else (sorry I can't recall what it was) on top of your coeliac diagnosis?


Have you tried cutting out all grains to see if you feel better? I mean even gluten free ones?


Yes I cut out all grains in my diet but taking the advice of an eminent Professor (Coeliac being his subject) that a Tribunal judge insisted was correct I returned to the Gluten Free diet, excluding foods with Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. In reality the foods contained permitted gluten free ingredients such as Dextrose, glucose syrup etc.

By consuming gluten free foods as the Professor and the Judge advise, gluten symptoms returned, they wouldn't listen and knew better.

Apologies for the delay in responding but I had an appointment with a surgeon yesterday afternoon and very sore today. Antibiotics do the same as gluten, its not fun.


Bad luck Pretender. I think several people on here have had problems with so called experts and with so called "gluten free" food. I don't eat any ready prepared gf food, it upsets my stomach. I don't know if it's the codex wheat or the other additives.

My diet isn't too restricted since I went looking on gluten free recipe sites and found some alternative meals to make.

Unfortunately it's not uncommon to have diarrhoea from antibiotics. If you are ok with dairy it may be helpful to have some plain probiotic yoghurt to help your guts to recover.


Thanks Penel but the expert carried out an endoscopy with biopsies & bloods which gave a result of Marsh 0 biopsy (gut healed) Reduced folds,d2. Bloods AGA 42.

Not sure I was given antibiotics (externally) but did get the general anaesthetic, a local anaesthetic before the stitch up, and two lots of morphine. The day after the surgery it was the same as being glutened, now three days after that feel that recovery is taking place.


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