Hi to all

Hi to all

Hi all just started a gluten free diet having had 2 years of problems which all relate to celiac ie gas joint pain weigjt loss depression dizzeness etc after going gluten free most of problems have cleared howevet some still apparrent have kept food diary and finding that oats and rice flour are a problem as well lucky me anyway gteat to be part of this communty as  i know i am not on my own

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  • Sounds familiar, my daughter and I can't eat oats either and something we can't identify is still making her sick. 

  • Hi Pringo thanks for reply what is worrying /fustrating is that you cannot identify whats making your daughter poorley do you think it is a grain problem as i would imagine you are very good at identifying the protiens as you both have a problem i find it strange with me that after stopping gluten in bread etc i then became intollerant to oats and rice whats next hope you find soon what is upsetting your daughtet have a great weekend

  • It's worth remaining vigilant, I have gradually excluded buckwheat, corn and soya (though I don't have to be obsessive about even trace amounts of these) as well as dairy...(no oats, rye, barley, wheat in any form not even 'safe' levels).  Feeling better makes it worth while.

  • Hi Lois thanks for reply over the last 6 months i was getting food fear and eating very little however learning every day i am somewhat a complete rookie the other day i brought a ready cooked  plain chicken from a supermarket which made me ill only to find out they put flour on the skin to help the visual browning look ah well i suppose its a learning curve have a nice day

  • I'm sorry you didn't know - as coeliacs we can't get the ready cooked chickens as they aren't GF!   

    If you are in doubt about anything like this ask the counter staff if you can read their manual (it's under the counter).  It lists EVERYTHING in the foods on the deli counter.   I'm such a pain when I was first diagnosed (and really ill) I must have read every supermarkets version!   I came away empty handed every time, but at least I didn't get damaged.    And when you read the list you realise what rubbish there is in, what looks like relatively healthy foodstuffs, like their plain sliced meat.

  • Thanks jacks great advice will do have a great day

  • Oh my! I had no idea about the flour and cooked chickens. I just presumed wrongly that they would be GF. Why oh why do they have to put flour on/in things aaaaaaagggggghhhhh

  • When I was at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, the immunologist told me that there was no such thing as a gluten free grain! This was back in 2013, and he said that there were over 200 gluten proteins SO FAR, and that inevitably there would be many more identified. 

    Furthermore, if a person had been eating grains for decades their intestines would become porous after years of grains. (This is now called Leaky Gut). It's now common knowledge that at least HALF of your immunity comes from the intestines, and that the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenals--basically all hormones and neurotransmitters "communicate" with the gut. So if you're still eating so-called "gluten free" quinoa, oats, spelt, rice, corn, barley etc, all you'll REALLY get is an autoimmune response.

    If you are consuming ANY genetically modified plants, the non-FOOD components will slip right through your permeable gut, the body can't recognize non-FOOD genetic fragments and your body goes crazy trying to get that INVADER which gets you an autoimmune disease. He even said "Don't eat ANY meat that might have eaten grains either and take a look at any medications you take because 95% of prescription drugs have grain excipients," and handed me a five page list of sly terminology used by drug companies to sneak grains in.

    When you finally are eating COMPLETELY grain-free, you'll feel SO MUCH better that you'll never look back, I promise! Lois is absolutely correct.

  • Hi Pauline it is almost unbelivable i am 50 and had no symtoms all my life and now o cant belive i am where i am now i am very limited on knowlege about the condition thank goodness for groups like this and the internet i am planning to spend weekend researching have a great evening Alan

  • Have you been avoiding Oats as they should have informed you to avoid them for at least a year then to reintroduce them slowly as there is a form of protein in them that affects some people with celiac disease 

  • Hi jackie to be honest i havent seen amybody i think its a mans thing have a great day

  • Perhaps have a look at Coeliac UK? If you join, you can get a directory of gluten free foods which may help you starting out on a gluten-free life.

  • Will join penel thanks

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