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Can anyone help?

Being a twice diagnosed coeliac with a 45 year gap between the un-diagnosis and the re-diagnosis I had been advised by the Professor that my Prognosis : Is excellent if I remain on the gluten free diet, why I ask.

1.0 The gluten free diet that contains derivatives, makes me an insomniac with night sweats, bad moods with lots of loo time being a fantastic laxative.

2.0 The gluten free diet that contains "Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose" HPMC gives me Uriticaria, high blood pressure, palpitations which are consistent with formaldehyde exposure.

I know that other coeliacs might not have these problems but the two are very restricting.

3.0 Appointments now at St Thomas' Cutaneous Clinic next month, to get to the bottom of allergic reactions after 7 long years.

4.0 I have also found symptoms are consistent with an ingredient called Hypromellose used in medicines to get the medicine passed the gut acids.

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Hi pretender, I know it's difficult and I'm sorry but a GF diet does NOT contain additives and HPMC unless you choose to buy the processed free-from foods. If you know they make you ill then no amount of tests or advice will make any difference, you need to change your diet.

It took me a few weeks to change my mentality of wanting to "replace" gluten-containing foods with GF alternatives, until I was confident to focus my eating plans on naturally GF ingredients.

I eat very little bread now and the only "processed" things I buy are rice pancakes, Nairns GF oatcakes and Doves GF flour, and those are only once-a-week type usage.

Good luck with your investigations but I think from everything you've said on this and your previous posts the answer lies with your food choices.

It is hard, we all know that. Hang on in there!


Thanks DartmoorGuerrilla, Dextrose, glucose-syrups etc are derivatives not additives.

The gluten free diet does include bread products and items found in the free from aisles in supermarkets. I know they have made me ill and informed the Eminent Professor so, but he put in writing my prognosis refusing to amend anything, to me he should have known better or at least listened to the patient.

You may find that HMPC is a substitute for gluten in the food processing chain these days. I eat no bread products at all these days, certainly not oat products or Gluten free flours that contain 20ppm of gluten that I cannot tolerate.

I find to mentally move away from the gluten free stigma on food labels a better option and refer to my diet as the coeliac diet which has no connection with gluten and now HMPC's.

I found it far easier avoiding healthcare professionals and ignoring advice re coeliac disease diets.


The way to go is to eat only food that is naturally gluten free.....simple.



I suggest Field Control Therapy to test for the causes and apply some treatment for organ support and the removal of related harmful agents. It's more than just food related.There are 7 causes of disease, and they all have to be addressed, and can be successfully. The sensitivity should disappear.

I don't know where you're located. I am in central Canada.

I can suggest a practitioner in the UK or US.

The treatment will take some time, and some discipline in diet and electromagnetic abstinence, but will bring recovery.



Thank you all for advice offered, I now have an appointment at St Thomas' Hospital, London next week for Dermatology patch testing.


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