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i have a question on my chances of the asper to now be full blown in my sinus from non removal of poly during lung treatment

i had lung surgery for asper fungus ball 6 yrs ago i took antifung med they just did a ct on my sinus and found a mass i had a poly show up that they did not remove when i was sick with lung how likely is it for it to come back after the meds full blown and what should i expect

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Having a fungal ball in your sinuses is not something that is likely to caused re-infection (or primary infection) in your lungs. We all breathe in fungal spores all of the time whether or not we have fungi growing in our sinuses.

It is currently thought to be a problem caused by lung damage - many fungal balls are though to form in pre-existing cavities caused by other infections or occupational hazards as in such cavities it can evade our immune system.

In sinuses fungi seems to be able to grow when sinus drainage isn't working properly and there is a build-up of mucus. In most cases once the sinus is draining properly the fungus may well also disappear - some patients need antibiotic & antifungal therapy to achieve this while others need surgery for long term relief.

The causes of the two are different

We are starting to see some evidence that people who get fungal balls in their lungs are slightly more prone to that infection compared with the rest of us. Consequently if you feel any signs of your old symptoms returning it is worth visiting your doctor to have it checked.


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