Diagnosed with copd/ what melds are people on?

What medications people taking for copd. I have had asthma since 2 years of age and abpa for 13 years. Now have something that showed up in chest x-Ray on lower right lung for 3-4 months and have been diagnosed with copd too. Having cat scan tomorrow too.

Am wondering what patients are taking for breathing nowadays

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  • I also have had Asthma since about 2,. As it is severe it now falls under COPD as I have an infection site in one of my lungs, and have lung scarring from all the infections.

    I am on

    Ventolin\salbutamol,, Spiriva, Duoresprimat, Budesinide nebulisers, Theophylline, Montelukast, prophylactic Co-amoxiclav, Ceterizine 2 a day,Adcal 3, Carbocisteine.

    I have Osteopenia due to all the steroids. I am being referred to Immunology by the Asthma Clinic as I don't seem to be able to create antibodies against the Pneumovax despite having 3 injections this year. Also many infections. Fighting Thrush as well again, again, again.. Never seem to be able to get rid of it for !omg.

  • Is it under control with spiriva? Have you tried breo yet? How long have you been on spiriva?

  • Getting infection after infection at the moment. I have been on Spiriva for 2 years now and would recommend it, though the first two months were a bit of a challenge with the side effects hoarse dry mouth, difficult to communicate, but the side effects went suddenly after two months.

    I recognise one if the drugs in Break,but I have not tried the combination. I am unsure if it is available in the UK.

  • Anne, will discuss spiriva with my pulmonologist on next visit. Sorry to hear that you are getting so many infections. Are you on prednisone too? Do you have abpa too?

    Take care, Sil

  • Forgot to mention, if you haven't a!ready, can I recommend you join the BLF British Lung Foundation community where there are many people with COPD on it and also the Asthma UK forum?

  • Thank you Anne, will try to join it too.


  • I have finished my course of Prednisone. No, I don't have abpa. Feeling a bit better today so on the mend.

  • Glad you are on the mend.

    Do you have copd too? Or just asthma?

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