Aspergilloma surgery

9 years ago I had a right upper lobe wedge resection because I had 2 fungus balls growing. I am so disheartened because I have been having lots of trouble with pain and coughing up blood. 9 yrs ago I was never put on any kind of anti-fungal meds. My new lung dr. said I should have back then. The surgeon said he got all of the fungus balls and everything was ok. So I have been untreated for this for 9 years now. So disheartened. Will be going on meds in a few wks.

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  • I'm sure that your new lung doctor is correct re should have had anti fungal 9years ago but they have their own potential side effects plus there has been a lot more global focus on developing new anti fungals in intervening period as the awareness of extent/issues around chronic fungal infections grows worldwide

    Have you had confirmed that fungal balls in your lungs have returned via scans and biopsies?Did they do any checks for dissemination 9 years ago?Have they done any checks for dissemination from lungs now?

    The unknown is whether your current lung issues are a recurrence of original fungal infection or 'new' problem .

    Any ideas where/how you had the exposure/susceptibility to lung fungal infection 9 years ago? Are you still living and working in the same environments as 9 years ago?

  • I live in the same place. USA. They said not sure how it got it because it is in the air, ground and everywhere. I raised chickens for years, gardened for years. After the surgery 9 years ago there was nothing else said or done about this condition. I have had CT scans and a washing culture of my lung. The problem is in the same area as the surgery. My new lung Dr. said they never get it all removed with surgery. Been coughing up blood and having pain for a long time now. What is dissemination? Never heard of it. Thanks for your reply to me and have a great day.

  • Yes the spores are in the air all around us and normal non compromised immune systems deal with them effectively all the time.The problems can arise when people are immunocompromised or partially immunocompromised eg with chemotherapy or have diabetes and/or live/work in an environment with high mould levels such as water damaged buildings. see

    "A Review of the Mechanisms of Injury and Treatment Approaches for Illness Resulting from Exposure to Water- Damaged Buildings,Mold and Mycotoxins."

    If immunocompromised ,aspergillus can invade blood vessels and spread via bloodstream (ie. disseminate) to other organs eg kidneys,heart ,thyroid etc.(Google disseminated aspergillosis)

    I hope your anti fungal treatment goes well.

  • thank you

  • I would get healing prayer from a good christian heaing ministry. God is a God of miracles.

  • Thank you, Yes He is the Great Physician in charge.

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