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Tablets not working

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Has anybody else had a problem with steroids and anti fungal tablets not working for ABPA so had to come if them ?

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See if you can reduce the steroids as it is not good long term drug programme anti fungal a try a different one . Discuss with you respiratory consultant asap

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This often happens when the fungus becomes resistant to the antifungal medication you are using. Sputum tests/bronchoscopy can be used to determine whether this has happened and which medication to switch you to - if you are in the UK the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester can help your doctors if they need a little help -

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Midge4547 in reply to GAtherton

Thank you

I’ve got something that has me now in bed 24/7. I said “something “ because no one believes me! Obviously, no tests were ordered. I hired a pro mold inspector. Results difficult to understand as far as severity. Highest were Aspergillus/Penicillum.It’s all over my body and inside. The face mask caused it to go into my sinuses, ears,lungs. It’s just as severe in my eyes. I’m now blind!

What is Aspergillus Ochererius (? Someone mentioned it but I can’t find it now. Sorry). I’m hesitant to be honest here because my docs said psychotic delusions and referred me to psych! A doctor who didn’t look at the pics/videos I’ve documented over 3 years. He didn’t even look at one! He didn’t even look at my skin because he was busy typing so no exam was done.

I’m becoming hopeless and that doesn’t work for me!

I have to pretend with my family but I’m suffering cognitive effects.

I’m blind now so I started to do the picture taking. As they say,… A picture is worth a thousand words! Not if they don’t look at them. Not if they don’t have time for a thousand words!

Thank you for presenting your comments. It made me feel not so alone.

Wind chimes :-)

I just want to say how sorry I am you’re suffering in this way. It must be awful to feel so alone with this. I don’t have any answers but, if it were me, I’d try anything, including the psych route

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