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Anyone used Intranasal Light Therapy

has anyone had experience using this product. Google the title and you will find the product and website. I am not sure if I can post a website address on this forum.

thanks - Renaee.

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I have just advised my son to try this after reading about it... give it a go what's to lose


quite a lot to loose given the price!!! I am in Australia, would be even more, around 7 or 8 hundred I would say.


ah I see. ebay sell them for under £10 Many come from China at £5


For what purpose? There is a lot of research supporting its use for several diseases of the brain and some encouraging results for treating sinusitis symptoms

I suspect it would be a lot more beneficial to be professionally treated rather than try to purchase a personal machine!


For purpose of chronic nasal congestion which makes cough and asthma worse. The device I was looking at only appears to be available in the US and is US $400. The link to this device is here:

On this website there is a page called 'the science' also linking through to study links similar to your second link. They also have a blog with claims made about it's effectiveness for asthma management. I would appreciate your opinion on these studies and any personal experience you have had with such types of treatment? Thankyou, Renaee.

The blog post here:

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