Black mould causing Aspergillosis?

Black mould causing Aspergillosis?

After a visit to A and E on Sun with breathing difficulties (I have asthma and what my Gp thought was a chest infection) I am attending an emergency appt at the chest clinic later today.The suspected diagnosis will be aspergillosis.

The pic is of the walls behind my fitted wardrobes (which are making a nice bonfire in garden).We have used mould and mildew remover and anti mould paint.

Had the consultant not mentioned aspergillosis I would be none the wiser.I have had a bad chest every autumn for years and even said I think i am allergic to something .

Anyway I am really hoping to get some answers tommorow.Wish me luck!

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  • Good luck Mruane - you do not want to be near that black mould!

  • thankyou,had IGe tests,allegy and lung function.Starting monteleukast so fingers crossed 👍🏻

  • Mruane1974

    That's a worrying photo in any environment to that is lived in.

    A test identifying toxic mould can be purchased from 'MouldCheck' relatively inexpensively but you say you have tried to clean up.the mould so probably too late to get a decent swab sample from original untouched surfaces. This test will differentiate between Stachybotrus,Aspergillus and Penicillium (you can Google each name and see what health effects can be caused but immune suppression is a major risk affecting your bodies ability to fight off infections inc fungal ) Aspergillus niger is also a 'black mould' . Stachybotrus and chaetium are black moulds (considered two of nastiest) as is mucor which is considered a lot less dangerous re toxin production.There are some UK companies that can identify down to individual species level eg Quartec but costs go up.

    If it is toxic mould then the worst thing you can do is try to clean it with chemicals particularly without appropriate PPE; the mould will release more toxins and spores into the environment in response to this plus your cleaning action will result in spores and mycelial fragments being put into air.Specialist removal companies will seal room up from unaffected areas of house using polythene sheeting and ensure affected environments is vented to outside as affected material is removed whilst wearing get PPE (suitable masks/disposable hooded overalls and gloves)

    As it grows ,the mould grows into the substrate as well as on surface eg plasterboard,wood wallpaper etc and it is extremely difficult to remove it all unless you remove all the material; painting with antimould paint risks just sealing mould residues into wall which may continue to be viable behind paint within original substrate and release metabolic products albeit lower levels.

  • Wow flabbergasted 😳

    Thankyou for in depth reply and will definitely follow your advice x

  • There isn't much to scale the objects you have photographed so it is difficult to tell what the extent of your mould problem is. It certainly looks very mouldy and is presumably damp? Extensive areas of moulds should not be cleaned by someone who is sensitive such as yourself and this looks like something that should be cleaned by a professional or if movable removed completely by someone other than yourself.

    In addition you need to get to the bottom of what is causing the damp conditions that have prompted this fungal growth. Most often it is condensation but a house survey may well be necessary to trace all possible sources of moisture - see

    Damp and mould is usually self-evident and bad for health and there is little evidence that you will learn anything useful by paying to identify which mould this may be - better to invest your resources into removing the mould, curing the damp.

  • Thankyou,I’m afraid it’s a case of fools rush in ...

    The house insurers did a survey a good few years ago and said it was condensation.I really wish I hadn’t help clean up the mould but at least I know now to be much more careful.

    I only have moveable furniture now and have left a good gap between exterior walls(the only ones that are affected).I can monitor if any mould begins to grow now.

    I am at the doctors tommorow and am hoping for test results,however they were only done on friday by chest consultant so will wait and see

    Thanks for replies they are very useful

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