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I am 53 yo and was diagnosed with aspergillosis this year. 😔 Has anyone cured their aspergillosis with natural remedies? Also I get cold sensations in my arms and I was wondering if this symptom may be part of the illness. Thanks in advance.

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  • I am taking many natural herbs and supplements (I will list them) twice daily, and have been feeling better. Can't take the usual anti-fungals as I'm very dehydrated already, and do not want the side effects. And, from what I've read on medical sites, they do not work. I also track my urine and sputum for hyphae/mycelium and spores... bought a usb microscope which has been a blessing, and an education. As for the cold sensations, aspergillus causes nerve damage, numbness, temperature changes, night sweats, spike headaches, the list goes on and on. My email is, I can share a lot of photos, some of aspergillus on my bedroom walls and back of furniture. I was sick a lot before I knew what it was from. All together it may have been over the past 5 years I have been exposed to and battling it. The list; raw garlic 4 or more cloves daily, oil of oregano 2xday, 1,000-2,000mg. vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract; 2xday, good multi-vitamin, extra D3, *the reason for extra nutrients is because the mycotoxins are absorbing yours. Alpha lipoic acid w/B complex 2xday helps with nerve damage, grass fed whey protein, *high protein is important. Hydration is important; it dehydrates you and ages you prematurely. Tumeric, cinnamon, cloves, fresh mint, try to avoid sugar, stevia is a good choice, and if possible no grains. Nuts and seeds are great, and you can bake with them. Greens, probiotics; lots! Echiacea and goldenseal, electrolytes *I use Emergen-C electro-mix, its unsweetened; I mix it with the vitamin C packs and split between 2 water bottles. Pau'd arc tea, breath easy tea, smooth move tea... eat as much fresh unprocessed foods as possible, no dairy if possible. Bentonite clay detox; draws out toxins internally and externally. I have had all symptoms of M.S. except tremors, muscle spasms are a problem. I know from experience you should move and discard anything that is porous, it will only go with you. I'm starting over; clothes and all. If I'm around mold my symptoms start up and I'm sick all over again. God bless you KelNev.

  • Hi Carole. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I feel like i'm in a health crisis and have extreme brain fog. I am writing this slowly. I have noted the things that gel with me because otherwise it's too much for me to take in. I am going for the natural anti fungals (oregano oil, olive leaf extract, garlic, cayenne pepper, a course of nebulizing colloidal silver, and high vitamin c, also more water and D3 spray and sunlight. Also looking into medical cannabis. I will try the bentonite clay also. I'm so sorry this happened to you and all the others out there suffering. What a hideous disease. I have no idea how I caught it. I've been asthmatic all my life and much to my horror, i smoked for many years. Have given up now for nearly a year. This is the ultimate blessing that this illness has given me. Going forward, many seem to have given up hope and are happy to take doctors meds, but I am not one of them. It's natural all the way from God's FARMacy for me, or nothing at all. Thanks again for passing on your knowledge, it helps to know i'm not the only weirdo trying to cure myself from natures medicine cabinet. God bless. Kelly xo

  • I really understand, I'm doing better in some areas, memory is better, now its an upper respiratory infection and muscle spasms I'm dealing with. I am afraid we will see an increase in mold mycotoxin illnesses; many are dealing with floods and hurricanes and such. Whole families are suffering. Because you are asthmatic, your immune system is weaker, and that's how mold takes hold. Yes to the marijuana, eating it is better than smoking, our lungs really can't take it anyway. There are a lot of people using the naturals to heal, God knows best. :) God bless you too (((HUGS)))

  • Wow! These natural remedies is exactly what my fiancé is taking and when I tell you he has been 80% better. The antibiotics were dehydrating him, making him sick and we were constantly in and out the ER. I definitely would suggest these natural remedies/herbs that Carol is recommending!!

  • That was really informative thank you.

  • Funny you should say that, because my memory has become poor and I have a lot of brain fog which is embarassing to say the least. I'm having recovering from a flare and i'm feeling like I even though I know some of the natural things to use, the question is how much and how often and for how long? I wish there was some protocol, though I guess it would be different for different people. But a basic protocol would be good. At the moment I am hitting it with garlic, vit c 3 times a day, oregano oil 3 times a day, olive leaf extract 3 times a day, steaming once a day with eucalyptus or oregano oil, cayenne pepper caps (I make them up with organic cayenne) twice a day, coconut oil and, colloidal silver nasal spray, and nebulizing the colloidal silver in the morning and at night. So far so good, not finding any adverse reactions but perhaps not helping either. I wil keep going a little longer though because sometimes these things take time. Also licorice root tea for my adrenals that seem to be flaring, probably from the anxiety of feelinng so unwell. Will be adding mullein tea and on the shopping list, an antiviral/antifungal tincture by my local naturopath, grapeseed extract, and Thyme essential oil for steaming. I agree that many more people suffer from this than is apparent, and more will get it too, very sad :( I have heard that vaping with just cannabis and glycerin is ok, have heard COPD sufferers finding relief with it so am interested. Im needing to sleep during the day and mostly wake up with a thick sleep fog. The headaches and the body aches are what get me the most. I feel a little discouraged to be honest as this has thrown my whole life into chaos. But i'm a never give up sort of person, and have faith in the creator and natures bounty so I will plod on. Look up Barbara O'Neill on Youtube, her Natural Remedies video is awesome. She gives the recipe for a 'flu bomb' very early on in the video, and I find it knocks the bugs out before they can take hold. Worth a try. Thanks for your time again Carol. Blessings your way.

  • I was scoffed at by a world reknowned expert on aspergillosis when I said my 2nd biggest complaint (after not being able to breathe), was brain fog and loss of organizational abilities. Way too easy to say altzheimers! And ignore these cerebral/nervous symptoms most medical doctors ignore!! Even today when I met friends for lunch they each asked how much I had to drink already (2 PM) because I was losing sentences and walking with a stagger. I had nothing to drink alcoholic just my usual citron presses. And I am always tired and needing naps and now my eyesight is definitely being affected.

    What I really want and pray for is a doctor or a healer who will look at my WHOLE BODY HEAD TO TOE and LISTEN to me WITHOUT LOOKING AT HIS WATCH for more then 10 minutes or even a half hour and STOP TRYING TO TREAT ME ONE BODY PART AT A TIME!! Is that really too much to ask? To be treated as an entire human being with a body and all its body parts having been invaded by aspergillus and other toxic molds and fungi??

    Jesus, you don't have to have an MD or a PhD to realize that all our systems are interconnected and there are nerve synapses and mucous membranes and capillaries carrying around all these mycotoxins and molds and filments. Do NOT let them tell you that the brain fog is NOT related to your mold exposure! Or that your optic nerve and eyesight is NOT related to your mold and fungi exposure and your damp/moldy/sick house syndrome! They each want their next research grant in their teeny specialization which sadly is NOT our entire body!

    May I suggest without being called a blind Shoemaker advocate (which I am not and I am in Europe so he is unaffordable to me and there are no Shoemaker protocol trained doctors over here that I can find), two papers which give me a better understanding of my own symptoms and the audacity and braveness to stick up to doctors who only want to talk about my lungs and sputum (yes, hard to do anything else if I can't breathe, but hard to care about breathing if I cannot THINK NOR SEE):





    Overview, Diagnosis, and Treatment BY Keith Berndtson, MD


  • You might like to also consider a non-US proposal to help understand the health impacts damp homes have on our health. The author proposed a hierarchy of sensitivities that relate to length of exposure which makes a lot of sense to us and what we see in clinic. Significantly there is no complex intensive treatment protocol as you might see proposed by a few US doctors though one important element is common to both - avoiding further exposure is a cure for most people.

  • Sadly there is no naturalistic cure for aspergillosis, in fact, there is currently no cure for aspergillosis of any sort. Aspergillosis is a serious fungal infection and has to be treated with conventional medication, systemic antifungal drugs and others in order to manage to slow or stop deterioration caused by the growth of the fungus Aspergillus. Without this treatment, there is usually a low slow irreversible deterioration of lung function.

    These are powerful drugs which can have several side effects so careful management is needed and you should work closely with your doctors to achieve the best results.

    It is not unexpected that some people will feel unwell while taking conventional antifungal drugs and they will consequently hope to find an alternative which makes them feel less ill. It has to be said that most 'natural cures' will be 'gentler' on our bodies and make the patient feel a lot better especially if they take them instead of their prescription meds. Some may even start to think that they have been cured!

    However, no matter which herbal medication (or other unconventional medication) you take the aspergillosis will quickly resume growing and lung function will start to deteriorate once more and once lost lung function usually does not return. Tempting as it may be there is truly no good alternative to taking prescription antifungal medication to treat aspergillosis.

    Exercise and pulmonary rehabilitation can help with some side effects, a good varied diet can help boost your immune system and there are several things you can do to help prevent 'flare-ups' - see for ideas. Take care to keep stress and social isolation to a minimum.

  • Well Dr.GAtherton,

    It's been 3 years and counting for me on Alternative therapies and have stayed off Prednisone and no need for anti fungal. I do see my Pulmonary Specialist regularly so far so good👍

    P.S. I was in bad shape 3 years ago when I started posting in here. When you see results it's hard to deny it.

    Thank you,


  • That is great Steve - keep those Pulmonary Specialist visits regular and enjoy feeling good. Of course, if you start to experience worsening of symptoms don't delay in seeking medical advice.

  • With all due respects Dr Atherton, your funding does come from major pharmceutical companies. I am not saying stay away from all traditional doctors. It is my total disappointment with the poor quality and horrible non-listening of GPs and specialists within the NHS that makes me distrust and angry with national medicine as mediocrity rewarding itself. When GPs do not even read and apply the directives and information available on the NHS website on toxic molds and symptoms, it really is difficult not to put more hope in alternatives, albeit with danger there too of quackery. So quackery vs licensed to inflict maximum pain during your allocated 8 minute office visit?? So please stop denigrating some natural aids and building up our immune systems with vitamins, better diets, etc.

    Most of us are happy with some relief!! No need to add to the downer we wake up with every morning and usually once or twice in the middle of the night.

  • Hi Sarab09

    In point of fact my funding partly comes from a small medical charity (The Fungal Infection Trust FIT) and partly from the UK NHS. I have complete editorial freedom to write about what I believe is the truth without any pressure from drug companies.

    To be completely open and transparent FIT receives funding from several large pharmaceutical companies but this is not tied to any required outcomes or indeed any contact at all that may influence what we write both here and on our medical websites eg

    As the funding comes from several sources in roughly equal amounts we are also free of any suggestion that FIT may be biased towards any one company in particular.

    In all cases, I rely on the highest quality information I can find, usually published and peer-reviewed scientific papers together with the experience of 18 years working with people who have aspergillosis, latterly at the UK NHS National Aspergillosis Centre, Manchester (

  • Dr Gatherton,

    How can you say that "Alternative" Therapies cannot help or work better than Conventional Medicine? I guess you haven't really read my testimonies? Or others? Not saying everyone should just stop what they are doing Conventionally, but educate themselves first and decide which is better for them. If I had only listened to my Doctors, I'd be in bad or worse shape then I was before I started with an Alternative regimen. Doctors like yourself need to educate themselves as we as patients do in Alternative Methods. I'm sorry, but I really am living proof and so are others. Unfortunately because of big pharma and the like, Alternative Medicine will never fully be recognized.

    Thank you,


  • I presume you are referring to my comment 'Sadly there is no naturalistic cure for aspergillosis' or perhaps 'However, no matter which herbal medication (or other unconventional medication) you take the aspergillosis will quickly resume growing'?

    You will appreciate that this is a long way from stating that some of the alternatives to prescription drugs cannot help people. I would contend that I have yet to see any evidence that a herb or supplement will effectively combat the part of aspergillosis that relates to the infection but what they can do is combat other aspects of illness such as e.g. enhance awareness, nutrition and self management which is a very important part of encouraging a patient to get the best quality of life that they can.

    Aspergillosis in its chronic form is incurable as we cannot successfully kill the infecting fungus, however, we can manage the infection & symptoms to maximise quality of life for as long as possible. This is done by finding a balance between conventional drugs and the many side effects they can cause (antifungal drugs are particularly good at causing side effects) and your breathing comfort and continued lung function.

    Some of these people stop taking antifungal drugs and feel better - that is a conversation each individual should have with their doctor if needs be. However don't confuse feeling better in the short term with feeling well in the longer term and a longer life. For some it could be a choice, sadly for most it is forced upon them as they run out of treatment options.

    Some of the alternative therapies might help make side effects more tolerable and/or give you a better quality of life alongside (not instead of ) conventional drugs - I think that is partly what functional doctors ( ) are trying to do but I doubt there are many of those around who have expertise in treating aspergillosis. One day all medicine will get back to a person-centred practice, conventional medicine is going that way too

  • So how would you explain my results with Alternative meds and therapy? And yes I was Chronic.

  • Also I haven't really stressed the word "cure" even tho I believe it's possible, but what I'm mainly saying is there are alternatives that can help manage without steroids, ant-i fungal and other harsh medications. You say there isn't, but I say there hasn't been many if any studies that any type of alternative therapy singular or in combination prove useless. So again how can you explain my results and others?

  • i GET COLD sensations in my arms and all over my body. But also horrible hot flashes---much worse than menopause ones were. So yes, I attribute many of these body changes and sensations to our mold illnesses or CIRS or whatever you want to label this stew that is making us so very very ill all over not just our lungs. Please see more detailed information and two articles refs below. My eyes and mind are going too so can't repeat.

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