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Over three year getting more and more symptoms. GP trying kill the symptoms but aleaways appear something new. I have done over thrre years many research about what GP said and that time I was satisfied that my treatment is going in the right direction up to time that a new symptom. Above was repeating many times.

My on going research gave me an idea that I have an mould infection.

Have anyone experience with that please?

The best would be a diagnose checker or personar exprience. A pacient who has dea led with that or a Dr who is fully aware about the diagnose please.

Many thanks of any idea which will uncovered what is wrong.

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From what you write I gather that your doctor has not said that you have a mould infection but that you have self diagnosed by reading information on the internet? There is a very good chance that you are wrong and you need to return to your doctor and point out that this malady keeps coming back - they are best placed to advise you.

I can understand that you want to try to compare your experiences and symptoms with others in the hope of finding similarity but that is a very unreliable practice and if you then start to self medicate it can be a route to making your health far far worse.


Yes,you are right. My GP does not said that. GP treat me for axienty and depression over three years. That start three years ago with breading difficulties and joints pain. Although, I was getting antidepressants my updomen get pain and swollen after one year. Next year my stool was changed and I get strong headache. The GP said that my depression get worse. My self diagnose tell me that I am poisoned. Unfortunately getting spisulina regularly confirm that I may hevy metals in the body because the the ribble bease the hearache gone for several months. Finally I get high blood presume and I did not know where come from that so I stop used the spisulina for few days. The headache come back. The high blood pressure was related to high level of pain. Since that I am getting painkillers. Over that 3 years I had several infections and I was treated by antibiotics.Unfortunately I was not sure that the antibiotics are working.

I am writing to you all above to let you know that my self diagnose does not happen because I ignore GPs instructions or treatment!

I was always with GP when I get a new symptom to keep her informed and get better idea what is happening to have a chance to review the existing treatment.

Unfortunately I get worse over three years. Trouble with thyroid , glucose tolerance test 2.2, permanentry tired and many more.

The symptoms of toxic mold poisoning cover 90% of my trouble.

I am desperate but that look likes that the diagnose toxic mold poison or mold infection does not exist in The UK.

The main focus of my requests is find out some one who know what about I am talking and can give right direction where to go to establish what is going on with me.

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The diagnose does exist. Try Breakspear Medical. They will carry out a Comprehensive Mould Panel, via blood tests. Unfortunately although they are licensed to treat NHS patients through referral from your GP, your GP may refuse on the grounds of funding.

I have had to pay privately for the tests because my GP's practice, are not prepared to fund my treatment. But at least I have my diagnosis confirmed via relevant blood tests organised by the Breakspear, which confirmed that I am sensitive to all the moulds that I was tested for. I am now waiting my Comprehensive Urine Test Analysis to find out what the mould is doing to my body.

Having seen my blood tests results and the lists of other tests that I cannot afford because I have run out of money, my GP has now referred me to a hospital for Infectious Diseases, with a hope that I can get the remaining blood tests carried out. I would prefer if they now refer me to Breakspear Medical so that they can get on with my treatment, which is not all about antibiotics.

I hope this helps.


Hi, thank you for your replay. I am very happy that you have confirmed that the diagnose toxic mold poisoning is exist here. I was feeling like alien.

I have contacted Breakspear Medical on Friday by email so I am waiting for a reply.

Wish you to get better.



Happy to have helped. You may also be interested in the website, Surviving Mold,

It is a site created by an MD in the USA. It helped me to understand that all the symptoms I have been getting is not due to madness and all the other misdiagnosis made by doctors. Following which you are then treated for the symptoms without dealing with the cause.

All the very best.


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In addition to Breakespear in Hemel Hempstead you could try Dr Damian Downing of New Medicine Group in London.

He can arrange tests via 'Acumen Labs' that will show if your cell metabolism has been affected by mould mycotoxins , heavy metals or pesticides and if you have developed any hypersensitivities to them.The tests can also ID if any specific metabolic processes have been adversely affected by DNA adduncts.

Unfortunately these are not available on NHS but they will give you ability to prove involvement of mould and its metabolites or not.


The point is before spending money on a private chronic disease service - do you have any evidence that you are being exposed to moulds in a damp home? Is there visible mould growing on your walls? How much and where?


Yes, I did a home air check and the result was '' actively Grove up mold" but the biggest trouble was some breading difficulties in my car many times. When I get home then I had similar troubles. Finally when I was out of car and out of home then I was feeling better. Nobody was understud what about I was talking.

I have realised that some one deliberated to me but I did not understand what is it.I have recognise two weeks ago by my acumulated symptoms over three years that most of toxic mold symptoms are fit for me.

Now I am looking for someone who can confirm or not that is true.

Unfortunately I am one months out of work and therefore any private way is not fit for me.

GP diagnosed me for men healthy troubles but GP does not have idea why that everything is happening. The toxic mold poison make sense for me.


Hi Ondro

I note your comment about the shortage of funds. If this helps, the test that I had done to confirm that I was sensitive to mould cost £287 and it is called "Comprehensive Mold Panel IgE and IgG" and carried out by Allletess Medical Laboratory in the USA. It was the result of this test alongwith the environmental doctor's report, which got my GP's attention. As I said in my previous post, my GP, has referred me to a hospital for infectious diseases, with a hope that the remaining tests suggested will be carried out by the hospital. My GP also applied to my local Care Commissioners (CC) for funding but this has been refused, and she is appealing against this decision. The CC decisions is ridiculous, given that Breakspear is run by MDs and the only difference is that they treat people holistically by looking at the whole person and not just at treating each symptom, which appear, from reading other posts, to change over the period they are on antibiotics, anti-fungals or steroids.

Has your GP referred you to a hospital for infectious diseases? If not, you should ask why not. Mayne at the hospital, as my doctor hopes, will carry out the numerous tests that I had and those I cannot afford. Just that one test was money worth spent, which I have run out of and hoping my family can help. Had I not had it the GPs would still be clueless about what is happening in my body and instead try to treat my many symptoms separately; high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, joint pain, etc and have another excuse to suggest having a flu vaccine! Thankfully so far the flu vaccine has not been suggested to me!

I am of the school that no drug goes into my body unless it is backed by hard scientific evidence, and, highlighted and discussed with me the short and long term side-effects so that I can make an informed choice on my care. Sadly, this is lacking in conventional medicine.



Not all mould is visible: the worst risks to health is where it is established in hidden spaces or surfaces eg cavities or behind plasterboard or growing in lightweight building blocks (temporary flooding above DPC during heavy rain over a number of years : penicillium verrucosum seemed to love the blocks plus ground water)

The real health damage was caused by hot stove drying out moisture and heat driving mycotoxins and spores/fungal into living areas.

Another high risk,invisible health risk are the old cinder building blocks used in 50s and 60s for internal walls in houses and blocks flats: ideal nutrients for mould spores to grow on once moisture supplied via leaks and even high humidity via poor ventilation. Mould proliferates invisibly to external world o over decades unless large leaks then quicker.

Re lightweight 'thermalite blocks mentioned earlier ,no visible signs of water damage or mould growth as building 'renovated' over affected blocks after external ground drainage issue resolved.

I could write a book or even lecture on my experiences re mould.


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