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Does anyone have experience of an elderly relative being treated for aspergillosis? My 80 year old mum who has copd is due to start a course if itrocontazole and I'm so worried about how she will be. This disease takes such a toll on mental and physical wellbeing.

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  • Yes my husband he is 76. He has cavitary aspergillosis and copd . He was on itrconazole for about 14 months , he tolerated fairly well. but it was a difficult time .He has now developed an aspergiloma in one of the cavities ,normal treatment is to remove the lung lobe , but the specialist at Leeds don't thing he is fit enough for surgery , everyday is a struggle. He never feels well. Hope your mum tolerates the medication . Linda x

  • Hi Linda, thanks for your reply it's good to hear your story. My mum is just 5 stone now but has only ever been around 6 stone but still I'm worried these drugs could affect her ability to eat, she is having liquid Itraconazole as she doesn't do well with tablets. I'm trying to be optimistic but so fearful of things going downhill fast. I hope you husband starts to feel better, it awful to see people so poorly is he not taking any fungal medication now? Kind regards Angela

  • He is not on any medication at the moment , they wanted to give him a rest from it. But is lungs bleed on and off all the time his inflammatory markers are high and he is losing weight . I am not happy with their watch and wait approach ( their words) so at his next appointment I will be voicing my concerns. It is a terrible disease.

  • So sorry to hear that, it is a cruel disease. You really have to push and make sure you ask the questions and keep up with new treatment options. Have you tried inhaling as I feel this helped my mum, it's not a solution though and i can't really prove it?

  • When the National Aspergillosis Centre opened we would have had an age profile of our patients > 60 years of age on average with several >80. Try asking this question in our Facebook group at

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