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Hi I am new to the site - I've got Mould

Hi I am new to this website, although in my haste I have already responded to some of the posts.

I recently found mould in my flat, which had been hidden behind the boxing of the toilet. The exposed black mould has proliferated onto, in addition to the bathroom walls, all walls connected to the bathroom, ie Hallway, at least one bedroom and the storage cupboard. I believe it has spread under my wooden flooring in the hallway as the mould has spread to the opposite walls in the hallway and the flooring has warped to the extent that I could not shut the door. I reported the matter on 4 November 2016 and due to lack of attention by the HA the water leak was not stopped until 21 December 2017. The mould has proliferated in areas up to 2 feet high.

The mould must have been growing for months if not years, which I believe explains why I have not been feeling well for many months and have many symptoms associated with mould. The HA has accepted that it is not to do with my lifestyle, (condensation) and is because, as they say, the toilet pipes were not fitted properly in the first place. (It is a new build property)

My HA are attempting to deal with the problem superficially, by spraying and sealing the walls, disregarding that the mould is likely to be between the walls and under the floor. They have not and did not even test if the walls were sufficiently dry before doing this. They have shown no care whatsoever regarding my health and are not prepared to move me temporarily whilst they carry out the so-called remediation.

I am now placed in the position where the HA is refusing to place me in temporary accommodation whilst they carry out the work because they state that the Environmental Health Officer did not state that I should be moved in his report. When I had initially told him about my health he said that I will have to refer this to my doctor, which I did. The HA has totally disregarded the letters from my GP, my Hospital Consultant requesting that I be moved from the property, at least temporarily. and I have provided them a report from my Environmental Doctor.

The blood tests results that were requested by the Environmental Doctor confirms that I have sensitivity to all the moulds tested (my IgG sensitivity scores range from 3.60 (class I) to 50.60 (class IV). I am awaiting results from a Comprehensive Urine Analysis.

This is my reality.

Any suggestion that anyone can share with me regarding dealing with my HA would be appreciated. I feel I have exhausted all avenues. The Environmental Health Officer has been totally useless and clueless on the impact of mould on the body. This is despite me, through frustration, sending literature from the Surviving Mold website. I feel they should remove the word "Health" from their title. I feel they are siding with the HA.

Best wishes to you all.

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You need to complain to your local council about the mould your health ....the environmental officer is now a council worker instead of an independent one. You have to complain 10 days they have to answer then 8 weeks before you can take it to the ombudsmen its OK urine is soaked into my cieling in hallway were animals have used as a toilet my paint work has a yellow tinge and everytime I decorate I get ill I'm going to have my house done independently. I have pictures of what was under my floor boards and the pics when I moved in. If you go on shelter they tell you in full detail your rights there responsibilities and protocol. Also if you on Martin Lewis money expert site there's a tool called resolve which is a legal free way of proof your time frames and force response also it is proof for the ombudsmen. To this day I've been told I'm mad no tests done. What's strange in my scalp around my hairline has started again. And I am changing Dr's then I'm complaining. I have ulcerat I've colitis so am at a real risk I have 5 kids on my own. My gp is even discriminating against my agrophobic son hasn't left the house more than 5 x in the last year I very needed to go to Dr's for months the last time the Dr same one listened about my worries then asked about my complaint in front of 2 medical students and reported me to send. Ss and never sent swabs that he tooks I was a risk you know what tests I need to have done pls. We're I live it really is the worst place in UK. People with a bit of authority who pre judge and talk down to you think there above you and you have no rights local authority Ed and medical all have governing bodies. Don't drop it they can't evict you so don't be put off or forced to leave I'm also sure because of your health you are entitled to claim as it is there fault.laws are there to protecthe us all. Good luck xx


Hi L0u1s338

The Environmental Health Officer is from the Council, and to date he has been of little help. He refuses to assist me further, despite saying he was surprised that th HA took so long to stop the leak. (has resulted in the mould proliferating further) I am going down to the Council office tomorrow to request to speak to his manager. If nothing is resolved from that I will immediately put in a formal complaint. I have already started a formal complaint with the Housing Association.

I am currently seeing a doctor privately at Breakspear Medical, a unique practice that specialises in environmental medicine. I am using up what little savings I have in desperation to protect my health. Although Breakspear are licensed to treat NHS patients, you have to be referred by your GP. Problem? My GP's practice informed me that because of the possible funding issues they are not prepared to refer me, yet instead, because of the diarrhea I have been suffering (one of the many symptoms of mould illness) they have referred me to 2 different hospitals to rule out cancer. And now I find both hospitals chasing me to get me in to carry out a colonoscopy (invasive treatment). One of the hospitals, which is a leading cancer hospital, when I attended I asked if he knew about environmental illness, he replied no and said it was of no interest to him. Clearly I was at the wrong place. Furthermore, how much will it have cost to attend these hospitals, I am sure more than Breakspear Medical.

Having seen my blood results obtained by Breakspear Medical, my GP who has admitted to me that she has little knowledge about environmental illness. has now instead of referring me to Breakspear Medical, has referred me to a hospital for Infectious Diseases. No doubt this will involve ignoring the cause and just treating the symptoms by placing me on antibiotics and whatever other allopathic medication used in its protocol, and leaving me with countless side-effects from the drugs as I have read from many posts and also looking up the drugs lists. This is just nonsensical. I believe detox and proper nutrition are required together with being moved from the cause of the mould illness. I must say I do appreciate the honesty of my GP to admit this instead of taking a high handed know it all attitude to me.

If you are lucky to have or find a GP with an open mind you may wish to ask them to refer you to Breakspear Medical. Good luck with that.

You may find Healthy House, who told me about Breakspear Medical, a very useful family run organisation for advice. They have had personal experience with mould and allergy illnesses and are always happy to speak to you. They supply products including equipment that help with mould and allergies.

Good luck to you too. xxx

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You have to go through what I told you I had to deal with environmental health is why I know. And the complaint I made was across lots of departments. I'd also contact your local mp and councillor. As it covers you in when you take it to the ombudsmen as part of a complaints procedure honestly going in isn't going to get you anywhere.I had a really good case from in direct discrimination. Housing standards temporary accommodation. Resolve is the best thing as it puts it in official terms prompts you to escalate to the next person along if they seem to be ignoring you. Do you have any photographs or repairs reciepts I'd also email shelter too on there website and .got will tell you. These people don't care and expect you to be eternally grateful because you have social housing. I never persuade my complaint as homelessness with 5 kids and having to live in filth ridden places and no one believing me about my skin conditions apart from a nurse practitioner in a walk in 5 moves in a year relationship breakdown and how I was treated by the local council who my house is with took its toll. I needed to get better.put your complaint in today and the one with housing association. It's the only way you will get moved and Wether or not you pursue it get legal advice because it's caused you health conditions. Also look into the stuff there coating your flat in etc and include expert view. Knowledge and taking action knowing there obligations to you and you matter. Because there were be lots that just accept what there told.we vote for local government they work for us they are supposed to provide the best service to us. The law is there to protect everyone. I really do hope you take my advice because they will not move you because they don't care morally or legally unless you the action


Thanks L0u1s338

The only thing that I have not done from what you state above is to contact my MP, which I will do. And I will start my complaint with the Council as well.

Shelter had put me through to Civil Legal Advice, which alas they advised that at this stage they cannot take on my case, until the internal complaints procedure has been completed. (My Housing Association has already started delaying this procedure.)

I will have another look at website as I had gone direct to matters regarding mould and I now see that they have further info that would assist me.

Now that I have official medical proof that I am sensitive to mould, I will go back to the solicitors to see whether they will reconsider taking on my case on legal aid and/or Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA).

It is so true that these people do not care and ,yes, they treat you like you should grateful that you have social housing. In a response to my last email the HA replied that I should be grateful that they are going to paint the rooms in the flat, as they are not obliged to, ignoring that the problem was not caused by me.

I am currently living in my living room and kitchen and only going to the bathroom to use the toilet, with a mask on.

I have already researched the products that they are using and that is of concern. The painter and decorator and the supervisor (who I was told is an ex BT employee, were at one stage spraying the Mouldaway wash without using a mask or eyeguard, which is what is recommended on its Safety Sheet. Then the used the Zinsser sealant with only a mask and no eyeguard. That is their problem but it shows their limited knowledge of mould remediation, at the expense of my health.

I am sorry that these problems have taken their toll on you and your children. I just hope in good time, for all sufferers, we are placed in a position to look back and see this as history.

To assist me to alleviate my sick environment, I have purchased an air purifier and now a Virus Killer machine, which I am finding helpful.

Has there been any outcome from your complaints or are the all still open?

Thanks again and take care. xx


For my own mental health I had to stop. Ring the ha ask them why they haven't responded in 10 days to complaints get your complaints number or will of mysteriously disappeared.working in the public sector you are not allowed to make statements especially you should be dare they judge most have there jobs because of fa mile members. If you would of been private renting they would prosecute same rules sure resolve forces response and tells you what action to take and it's never lost.I could prove they used indirect discrimination putting people of certain backgrounds I'm a carer for my son. Is why I don't work said don't believe everything you watch on TV. And my favourite was I can read.just put people into boxes instead of doing there jobs properly. As you can guess I'm not liked by local authorities just because they have a job or teach do sent mean they are good at it or deserve it . Could you let me know how you get on and thanks for the information. My son who's I'll tight I'd left started struggling for breathe and ring my mum. All because the worst Dr in the world I'm not the only complainer I don't how they got good falsified patient feedback and no complaints. Lots of people have left and tgere known as worst Dr's and Dr lol xx


I am so sorry and no doubt many who post have gone through difficult times in dealing with their health and all the so called professionals who have no clue of the impact on us. I am about to give up my studies because of the impact on my health, which is disappointing for me.

I am focussing on supplementing and eating healthy and then when ready I will be detoxing and supplementing my body, with the help of the Environmental Doctor.

One thing to avoid is sugar as that will only serve to trigger and prop up the inflammation in our bodies. I am also eating low carb. You should discuss this with a health practitioner as your GP or doctor, will have little knowledge about nutrition as they do not teach nutrition is medical school. You will come to find that the Food Pyramid is upside down just like the medical system. If you are lucky you my find a doctor who has taken the initiative to learn about nutrition.



Don't give it up your situation is temporary. I did full time worst year of my life as single mum to 5 but because of council and treatment I didn't achieve the highest level 30 hrs total I spent 2 weeks there so they could ridicule me they hope you go away when your homeless. Mine was I had the landlady from hell who also thought I couldn't read. Tried to keep my deposit I am the landlady never mind I was on my own 5 kids miles away from my family. Ithe was the worst year of my life everyday a bad thing would happen people couldn't believe it. I was so angry not interested in your crisishealth of kids just judgement because you get housing benefit. I don't judge I have no right help if I can anybody. So don't you give up you will regret I'm back to college September to Finnish what I started hopefully to become a neo natal nurse practisooner. Why I want all these loose ends tied up and my daughter starts school Sept. Joined the gym and I'm going on holiday on my own and hopefully pass my test by Xmas. So don't give up it'll be summer soon xx


HI lOu1s338

My apologies for delay in replying. I am fretting over tomorrow so called work to commence again in my flat.

I feel for your and your children and can only hope that you keep the strength. Have a look at the Surviving Mold website.

It has helped me a lot and is full of useful information to help yourself. Please too have a chat with the people at Healthy House

I found them very helpful, even just for a chat and to give you ideas on how help yourself in these difficult times.





You may also find this website useful called Surviving Mold.

It was created by an MS in the USA. It has helped me to stay sane knowing that my symptoms are not in my head and to save me from being misdiagnosed by doctors.





You may also find this website useful called Surviving Mold

It was created by an MS in the USA. It has helped me to stay sane knowing that my symptoms are not in my head and to save me from being misdiagnosed by doctors.



The living conditions that you describe are a risk to you developing health problems, in particular severe asthma especially in children. It sounds like your medical team are supporting you in this but need support from the remediation side - here are the National Aspergillosis Centre we work with the Institute of Specialist Surveyors who are expert at cases like this - see and for advice.

Sadly we still seem to find many landlords are in denial of the facts and many are finding that they have to push the 'duty of care' requirement for landlords through the courts which is not a quick solution.


Hello GAtherton

Thanks for your information. Your "Duty of Care" is a phrase I have forgotten to use and will now. I will be making contact with the NACPATIENTS.ORG.UK today.

My Landlords have sank to a new level.

On Monday gone, 2 operatives from my Landlord came to continue the so called treatment work. Having told them that their supervisors have never once come to my house to test the walls for damp with a damp meter before they started to treat some of the walls last week, they went and got a meter and there was 3 red lights on the walls they treated and 3 red lights on my wooden floors. 3 red lights denote wet. The operatives did not carry the work they were ordered to do and said they will report back to their managers what they encountered. They even said the walls have to be taken out and the mould inside treated.

My Council's Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is involved and to date he had not been taking me seriously and just accepting the Landlord's comments. I went to his office and showed him pictures of my medical reports and the current state of the flat, all of which he had received by email. From this meeting he left a message to my Landlord's Senior Manager to call him. Having not called him back the EHO emailed him. His response amongs many was that the Operatives could not gain entry to my home and that he believes that the walls are dry. "Liar liar pants on fire" I have pictures of the operatives and their damp meter readings and my caretaker and neighbour saw them entering my flat.


I will alos be contacting the ISSE.ORG.UK today.


The housing ombudsman service can also be useful after you have made an official complaint against your landlord

Citizens advice can help too


Thank you for your continued support.

I am going through these procedures. I spoke to the housing ombudsman last week and alas they advised me that there is a year long backlog on their cases, which is not very helpful. Patience will have to be applied.


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