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Aspergilliosis of the Brain - help!

I'm from Toronto, Canada I was diagnosed with ABPA 3 years ago managed by having Bronchoscopies and short courses of Prednisone. I had an MRI done of my brain because I was having numbness in my hands, face and legs at times. The MRI showed "several lesions" on both sides of my brain. So I had a spinal tap and the test result said " Rare monoclear cells" What does this mean, I've been told I have an infection and given antibiotics!

I'm worried the fungus has spread to my brain??? Graham or Prof. Denning please help could it just be an infection or has the Fungus spread. Please help I've been worried sick.

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ABPA rarely if ever causes invasive infection such as you are describing. Talk to your doctors about your fears as only they can give you full advice - if they would like specialist input they can contact the Aspergillosis Centre via nationalaspergillosiscentre...


Thanks Graham, I see both of them next week. Hopefully everything will be ok.

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It spread to my brain, eyes, wrapped around my spine and I'm still here. And more feisty than ever!!

Have you tried Cumanda, Banderol, Cat's Claw, Oregano Oil, colloidal silver or cannabis? I've used all of these, in conjunction with a candida treatment diet, regular exercise (very important... even walking) and a daily dose of fluconazole, 400 mg.

Cumanda is surprisingly effective. I found it when researching Lyme's... seems to work great for Aspergillosis (been on it for 4 days now).

Bottom line, even if your brain is directly impacted, neurogenesis is real. Your brain CAN heal and regenerate. As can the rest of you. I'm still fighting, but since I technically shouldn't be alive right now...

I guess I'm winning!!! :)

It's definitely very, very difficult and my attitude is not always so "winning". Bless you... you're not alone.


How are you taking NH the oregano oil and cumanda? Is the oregano oil an 'essence' oil?

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Actually, I'm on the Cowden Protocol now and it really works! I've stopped the fluconazole ado everything else. I highly recommend it based on my personal experience.

I take 3 different antimicrobial tinctures in rotation: cumanda, banderol and samento. More importantly, I think, is the Burbur aND Pinella for detoxification. Clearing this crao out of the body is not east at all... very uncomfortable. Use Klonopin or MMJ for high anxiety

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