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Many fungal infections - underlying health issue?

Around mine months ago I developed Athletes foot. I visited the doctor several times and was just advised to use over the counter remedies. I have persevered with the treatments but am still suffering. Since getting Athletes Foot I have also had 2 particularly bad episodes of thrush, the athletes foot spread to my hand and what looks like my belly button and I now have a fungal nail infection on my big toe. Could the fungus be spreading or should I be looking into an underlying health issue?

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Hi MIchelle 3030,

I used to get frequent episodes of shingles when I was very stressed with my job. Stress significantly affects your immune system. It's just a thought as I am not an expert.


I read an article a few weeks ago about a mixture of 95% water and 5% bleach to kill many skin irritations. Since I have been using it on my kids skin rashes, and my husbands toe issue and it is working remarkably well. However, I do think you could have a bigger health issue contributing to the spreading fungus. It could be a sign of your bodies immune system being exhausted. I also agree stress is a huge factor in health issues, but most stressors aren't optional...

I had a fungal infection on my face and I had to see many doctors before I found one willing to look deep enough to find the illness. So keep going to doctors til some one listens!


I am about to head out for some immune system checking blood work after an awful episode of thrush in my larynx. Lost ten pounds in a week because my throat was swollen half shut. Was awful. Dr seems to think something else is going on because he said someone of my age and health should not have gotten this infection to begin with.. If I hear anything back I will try to find my way back to your post. I'm very new here lol. I wish you luck. This is no fun.......

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The fungus that causes athletes foot takes advantage of dark moist areas of our bodies to grow on softened areas of our skin. It is highly contagious and will spread to your fingers, nails and parts of your body you will scratch with your infected fingers. You need to visit your GP for more treatment as it is unlikely to go away on its own.


Thank you for all your responses, all very helpful.



I had a fungal infection on both big toes under the nail.  It got bad enough on one nail for the nail to fall off.  I had my doctors advise me and none of the usual treatments were effective.  Then another doctor told me that one of her patients had tried Canesten antifungal cream and Tea Tree oil combined.  I applied one drop of tea tree oil spread over the nail and edges then immediately applied a small amount of Canesten cream to the same area twice a day.  The effect was astounding, within 12 hours the white fungus had become very dark.  The fungus had been stopped in its tracks.  I did continue the treatment every day until the nail had grown sufficiently and looked normal again.  Whether the tea tree oil is necessary I am not sure but the combination certainly was totally effective.  Canesten may have been effective on its own or maybe the oil carries the canesten under the nail more efficiently.


Hi Michelle, I've just seen your post, did you find any answers? I've just made a post today with a similar title to yours, but have put in some detail circumstances surrounding and has happened to me and my health over nearly 7 decades now! 

I do hope you managed to find your remedies. sambs. 


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