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I'm 13 and for as long as I can remember I have had to clean my feet(with my hands) evry couple days because flakey stuff builds up. but only once every 3 day max. Anyway I have recently been worried that I have athletes foot all my life? if so could it be stopped, and is it a really bad problem. I thought it was natural to have stuff build up in your feet.

Thank you for your time. Please reply soon.

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Hello birdthenerdy First check with Doctor that it is athletes foot, That said it can certainly be cleared up! as with most fungal infections, My own experience was that it took time patience and diligence. "trainer socks" preferably cotton were a great help. If they couldn't be boiled they were cheap enough to throw away? but I get in front of myself. first check. You have made a great start by seeking help? carry on and check with doctor. well worth it honestly I know how you feel, the relief when you realize your making progress is great, once cleared ensure you take care its so easy to pick up an infection. but enjoy life and appreciate you are making progress .....good work and good luck


I would certainly visit your doctor to check what this is before taking any further action. If it is athletes foot it certainly can be cured with antifungal creams or sprays and possibly a reassessment of why it is occurring.


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