Please help recurrent vaginal infections by ecoli!!!

Hello every one!I have been suffering with vaginal infection almost 3 years comes every month as burning inside and outside,pain inside the vagina as well.Most of the times it lasts for 2 weeks and so...nothing can fight it...I took Cypro antibiotic couple of times but it comes back after.I am desperate...I ve tried everything I went to million of Gyno which most of them they couldn't help ....some of the swaps were coming back negative ,and this confused most of the doctors in result to diagnose me with pelvic pain syndrome.Now it seems clear as my last swap came out positive with ecoli.All my urine test are clear as well.thanks for any help!

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  • Hi Lanloon,

    Why not try Tumeric with manuka honey in water or milk.Half a teaspoon of tumeric with a tea spoon of manuka honey.Tumeric is an antiviral/antibiotic.I am not a doctor but if you wish to have a go.Good luck

  • Thank you so much...I will try this as well combined with a healthy eating!

  • Hi

    Thank you for information.

    Can I use any honey which available from any shop??

  • Hi Fatimo

    Thanks alot for your information.

    Should I drink how many times per day???please

    I am suffering the same as lanloon.

  • Well tea tree oil mixed with black Jamaican castor oil used inside and outside made a difference.The symptoms of burning are off .Try this for a while you will feel a bit better.Other symptoms still remain but those oils they helped me a lot ...As well I put vaginal ovules with probiotics.....I can't tell you that they work much but it's a small relief.I stopped taking antibiotics and any drugs....Am trying the natural way....and am gonna see a omoiopath doc.

  • Hi Lanloon I just want to say I'm suffering the same thing as you are !! Been going on for 2 in a half years now . Burning inside and discharge but that's pretty much it .. the only thing that bothers me is the inflammation. Been back and forth to the obgyn but they been mistaking it for BV or Yeast . I havent been back yet but I just know that it have to be ecoli because everything else is negative. But recently I've been have weird feeling on my ovaries and pain and I'm scared it could be PID :( I just want to ask you do you have any kids or did you have a baby during your 3 years. With this ? , do you have fertility problems because of the ecoli ? , and is the inflammation still gone ? I'm just curious because I'm 19 and I want kids :(

  • No I haven’t try to have children yet.Well I had many tests that came back with ecoli .As well I had pain inside sometimes

  • Putting just a few drops of Tea Tree oil (bought from any chemist) may help. This is sometimes used by pregnant women for thrush who cannot take usual meds because of side effects that could affect the baby. Only use a FEW drops tho, it stings! Hope that helps & hope you feel much better real soon.

  • Some of the topical remedies mentioned above may help if you have an infection as they have antimicrobial properties, but some of the time you say that there is no detectable infection so that may not be the complete answer.

    Persevere with your doctors as only they have your full clinical history - ensure they check for fungal infection (eg Candida) as well as bacterial if you have another infection. If any of the above remedies work tell your doctor, it may help the diagnosis. Some may also make the problem worse - which is also important information to give your doctor.

    As this is a fungal infection support group I should mention that Candida infections can be very difficult to treat and do keep coming back. For that reason some hospitals have a specialist 'difficult Candida infection' service available - there is one at UHSM, Manchester

    Good luck!

  • I had an abscess in ovary and it was growing e. coli. I haven't felt the same since. I am wondering if this is going on with me. Has anyone had any help figuring it out? I take a daily probiotic, vitamins and a vitamin C, bc I read it could help,

  • You might try colloidal silver. I'm using it for mold and yeast. Doing much better now. You can use it internally and externally.

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