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All in the Mind

Forgot to take my inhalers last night. Woke at 3.30 to go to the loo. When back in bed realised I had not taken my inhalers. Was breathing fine and before I could do anything about it was asleep. Awake about 5. Lying there and thinking oh didn't take my inhalers last night and my breathing is fine - amazing. Hmm. The almost silent wheeze started to rise and I had to get up to take my inhalers. Makes me think if I had not thought about it I wouldn't have had the wheeze. Funny?

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No, completely normal! There is an increasing amount of research into the many affects that anxiety has on our health - they are very real and often treatable

30-40 years ago anxiety was something everyone suffered from but was neglected and usually brushed off as 'in your mind' or some-such. Nowadays a lot more is known about it and in fact it has been linked with high intelligence as well as depression, stress, obesity, slower wound healing and a whole string of other conditions - including difficulty sleeping.

People with chronic health conditions are particularly vulnerable to the impact anxiety has on their quality of life (eg sleep patterns) and may need more help to learn to control anxiety

In your case you found the simple cure for that bout of anxiety, so the short term problem is solved. If it stays under control - great. If it emerges in other ways then be aware and get further medical help


I find it interesting you use the word "anxiety" - a label Doctors so love to hand round ours necks with an excuse to prescribe more antidepressants. 

I refuse to accept I'm anxious, just Bloody frustrated at Doctors who can't be bothered to take patients, me included, conditions seriously enough to look beyond the first thing that pops into their mind. 

I know all, you know nothing seems to be their Mantra! Yet we the patients on communities like this are the ones looking for causes, or correct tests to be taken

 We look at ourselves as a whole - not part of a whole! thyroid testing being a prime example. TSH is accepted as the normal and only necessary test, based on a few minor symptoms initially, when the testing and treatment prove inadequate and symptoms continue to mount, still it's based on TSH only. Many Thyroid patients on TUK have said what steps they taken to ensure their T4 converts correctly to T3 and how much better they are. There are also many who have now totally defunct thyroids, but doctors still test to see effect what one little daily tablet has on a blood test! depends what time of day the pill is taken, what time of day the blood test is taken, how long it is since patient last ate, or did they forget not to eat? 

So yes I suggest frustration is a better word than anxiety, what ever misdiagnosed or mistreated condition there is. 

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Good suggestion! I find it frustrating when the NHS takes weeks or months to see patients. Who wouldn't be anxious!

Anxiety is not an excuse to stop searching for the causes of symptoms.

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Albeit slowly, I'm getting some way there, whether or not I'll be listened to or taken seriously by my Dr or the specialists I have to see, is another matter! 

 I've noŵ totally changed my eating patterns and habits going on 1st on what my research has thrown up and then based on "gut instinct" of what's good for ME as in my bodŷ and health.,well somethings is working if only because I now sleep better, am more relaxed, nibble something when I want to, usually based on it being a protein, carb or containing vitamins. and yes I also drink plenty of bottled wate  and fruit juices. 

My latest fad, in order not to have to use any sort of refined sugar,,is Acacia Honeŷ which I put on breakfast cereal, or rice pudding, it can even be used with coffee as doesnt apparently alter the taste of coffee. I'm not a coffee lover, I like  my breakfast cuppa of Yorkshire English tea with milk here! 

I have no toilet problems at all and as said I do sleep better everŷ night! I went from 13 stone 3 yrs ago to almost anorexic last year and it's not the Levothyroxine for my thyroid that's done that either. This year since stopping all other meds last autumn, my other conditions are still there, blood tests improving slowly, except TSH, which I now ignore, despite my Dr I know what dose suits me best. 

I'm not even frustratednoŵ because I've taken control of my health and diet. I'm putting flesh on my arms and legs again, bones aren't quite as weak as they'd become. 

I know I'm also lucky to be able to do that because there's only me in my life, but if it works for 'me' so why not let others know. 

I'm not unique, just in control! 

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