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Hi everyone,

I have copd emphysema and bronchiectasis but have just recently been diagnosed with aspergillosis /aspergilloma. I was put on itraconazole but i started having very strange episodes of heart pounding and feeling strange. Consequently I have been taken off the itraconazole but im not sure what happens now. My gp said he needed to speak to my lung consultant but i was under the impression that itraconazole was the only treatment. Help!!!

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There are several more suitable antifungal drugs to treat aspergilloma - but all need special funding via your local CCG.

However, if you meet the criteria ( of more than one lung cavity/aspergilloma then you can attend the National Aspergillosis Centre and your treatment with voriconazole (and in some cases posaconazole) will be fully funded.

This is an NHS service available free of charge to your GP/specialist


Thanks for your reply. As far as im aware i have a small cavity in my right lower lobe and rising titres of aspergillus llg and lge. Would this meet the criteria?


there is no drug treatment.suggest there are about 12+ spices & herbs.I have just begun

teaspoon ginger , tumeric , simmer 4 glasses water 10 mins ,sit & cool.I drink warm or cold with tablespoon honey & natural coconut milk end up with 6 glasses.

best wishes Gary


Thankyou Gary

I will certainly try this,, right now I'll try anything.😊


Reading these criteria you need at least two cavities for NHS to pay for your treatment - you should review the criteria with your doctors for a complete answer.

If you do not meet our criteria you can still be referred to us but you will need to apply to your local CCG for funding - which we can also help with.

CPA patients do very well on antifungal therapy, some are able to have surgery which carries a very good chance of a cure.

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I'm on voriconazole. Not sure if it works the same way, or if it will cause the same problems. I've been on it for a little over a month, and my only side effect is dry lips and clammy mouth. Strange, but it's definitely something I can deal with.

I hope they come up with something soon for you.


Hope they find something which works well for you soon.


I have suffered from ABPA for ten years now. It took a while for the initial diagnosis and I became very ill, even suffering a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Finally I was diagnosed and put on prednisolone, Itroconazole plus Zafirlukast, inhaled steroids and nasal steroids. The Itroconozle was having adverse effects so the dosage was halved and I have been able to tolerate that dose age. This drug combination has been of enormous benefit to me. If you cannot tolerate Itroconozole there are alternatives like viriconozole. You must insist on seeing a lung specialist, he will be able to help you so don't give up hope. It is hard being on permanent steroids but I have managed to reduce them drastically since being on Itroconozole. I wish you well.

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Thankyou 😆


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