Stage 111A NSCLC T1a N2MO

Hi, I am new to this group, unfortunately. In December I had a segmentectomy for a tumor in my right upper lung. In 2002 had right lower lobe lobectomy for adenocarcinoma-no after treatment requited. The biopsy of this current cancer came back with squamous cell cancer with 1 lymph node involvement so I am about to start chemo. I will have cisplatin 50 mg days 1 and 7 and vinorelbine 25 mg days 1,,7,15,22 every 28 days for 4 cycles and then will have 5 1/2 weeks of daily radiation therapy. YIKES!! I am scared!! has anyone else had this treatment and if you have can you please tell me what to expect? My oncologist is wonderful and explains everything to me and promises me that she will do what she can to help me with nausea and vomiting, etc and I do trust her but I need to talk to someone that has gone through it. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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  • I had both treatments at the same time so I was sick. I had 12 days of chemo, Cisplatin and Etopicide, and 35 days of radiation. I would like to tell you that as soon as the treatments stopped, I didn't throw up or feel nauseous anymore but I was sick for an additional 2 weeks.

    I took the anti nausea medicine and ate very little but drank a lot to keep from dehydrating. Listen to your doctor carefully and do whatever she recommends. Your journey is just beginning but before long, you'll look back on it and say, thank God, I made it!

    God bless you.

  • Ruthie, thank you so much for your reply. I kind of know that it is not going to be easy but it will be worth it if it kills this stupid disease. I have had 3 major cancer diagnosis' and know it is trying to get me but I am fighting the good fight and will as along as I can. In 2002 had Adenocarcinoma RLL, 2009 Bladder Cancer, 2014 Melanoma in Situ left hand and now 2016 Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Lymph Node involvement in RUL!!!! Enough is enough huh?

    How are you doing now and how long ago did you have your chemo? What type of cancer did you have? Another concern that I have is neuropathy. I have Restless Leg Syndrome already so am pretty sure that the Chemo Induced Neuropathy will get me!! Oh boy!

    I look forward to hearing from you again Ruthie

  • Janeike,

    My last biopsy in December showed that my cancer was active again. Because of where it is located, I'm not sure there going to do anything. There is a tumor board at Johns Hopkins and they meet on Wednesday. I haven't heard anything today so I'm not sure what the verdict is!

    I'm just trusting the good Lord to take care of this. I've been praying His Will be done.

    God bless you.

  • My treatment was also cisplatin /etopicide so I cannot address the navelbine. First, my hair thinned it never all fell out. Stock stool softeners and laxatives as well as anti diarrhea meds. It can go either way and can often go both ways within a single day.

    The platinum drugs are rough on the kidneys so be sure to drink lots of water to flush them. Add a sports-type drink to replace electrolytes that get flushed as well. If you experience a cold burning sensation in your hands or feet report that to your dr as neuropathy damage can become permanent. The same if you develop tinnitus.

    It also affects the tastebuds and things may begin to taste metallic and using plasticware or chopsticks will help minimize that. Lemon head candies helped get rid of that taste between meals.

  • Denzie, Thank you so very much for all of your advice. I will be sure to follow it. How are you doing now? I hope that all of this cancer stuff is gone for you.

  • I was considered stable for the first 3 years post treatment then 3+ years ago I was considered NED. At year 4 I was diagnosed with stage one invasive ductal carcinoma (breast) but it was not a mets from the lung so I was very glad about that. And after stage 4 lung stage 1 breast cancer was less scary. Treatment was not easy but it was not as bad.

    Let us know when your radiation is going to start because there's things to share on that.

    Another thought, if you've not had a recent bone density you might ask for one as my osteopenia became osteoporosis as a result of the steroids they gave through chemo/radiation.

  • Hi Denzi, The radiation will begin when the chemo is done. I've got a long road ahead of me but if it kills this cancer it will be worth it. I hope!!! I had a bone density last year so am all set with that. Another worry that I have is that I babysit my 3 month old granddaughter while my daughter works. She works part time but I am hoping that I will be ok enough to continue to watch Izzy. Any thoughts on that for me? I know that I will be tired but thank the good Lord, this child is very very good. The only time she cries is when she is hungry or needs a diaper change. She does like to be held though. I pray that I am going to be up for that. If you have any thoughts on that, I would love to hear them.

    Is your breast cancer gone now? 2 major cancer diagnosis! Almost as bad as me. I have had 3, lung x2, bladder, and melanoma!

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Jane

  • Janeike, my last chemo was two months ago, I had the same chemo drugs they are using on you. Except, I was given 100mg of Cisplatin and I think 50mg of Vinorelbine. It was very tough as I was very sick. I did have and still do have some major tingling in my feet and some ringing in my ears. Hoping it will go away eventually. Make sure you take the anti nausea meds! I still have some hair just really, really thin, I had to wait for the start of radiation due to a bad cold and then discovered that it looks as if there is a suspicious spot in nodes this one is close to part of my vocal cords so on standby for next move. You will make it through and put this behind you.

    God Bless!


  • Thank you Gisela, I s.o appreciate you taking the time to reply. This is such a nasty nasty disease! Have you started your radiation yet? I will pray that that spot is something that they can treat easily. My oncologist said she will try everything she knows to help me with the nausea and vomiting. She calls it a "cocktail" that she will give me before and after each treatment plus I have meds to take at home. She also gave me a cookbook! This woman is such a nice person, so caring. Each time I see her I hug her like she is my best friend which I am sure by the time we are done she will be. Please let me know how you make out with this spot. Jane

  • Jane, they haven't gone forward with radiation yet as they want to confirm with a PET scan and the radiologist oncologist said he and the oncologist would make a decision on what to do after the PET. He didn't share what he was thinking. This whole thing is so scary. I'll be honest, I hated chemo but I got a much heavier dose of those drugs. Even though they gave me meds to help at home, by day 5 I was vomiting. By the last round, they gave me meds to put me out. But it doesn't last forever and then you can heal a bit before radiation. I'll let you know what I hear. Let me know how it goes for you. Funny, I can still remember how it felt to feel good which was over 6 mos. ago. I wish our country invested in a thorough body scan once a year so we could catch these things sooner.

    God Bless, I too will be praying for you and all of us!


  • I took cisplatin and docetaxtere every 21 days for 4 rounds. I took my anti-naseus medicine faithfully and added the second medication if I felt sick. So I only vomited a few times. I was very tired but I also had pneumonia for 2 1/2 months on 60mg predisonne and very strong antibiotics followed by surgery to remove 2 lower lobes of right lung then chemo so I was exhausted when I started. I'm cancer free and getting stronger every day. I still tire more easily and catch a germ I come in contact with, but my dr says what I took was very strong and I'm 65 yrs old so all in all I'm very blessed. I just had my 6 month Ct scan and all is good. Good luck you can do it.

    Suggestions - work on a good attitude

    eat healthy and walk daily.

    I use to set the stopwatch on my phone and try for 5 minutes in the house without stopping.

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