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New member - with food intolerances , fatigue and headaches

Thanks for letting me join healthUnlocked. I hope to find some insight on my issues.

I am 48 yrs old woman, have knee arthritis, hypoglycemia and migraines. I also have low ferritin and low d3. I am vegetarian but eat eggs regularly.

My issue is that so called healthy stuff is not healthy for me. For example fruits and vegetables are cause of headache or exhaustion for me. Lettuce , cucumber, carrot, lemon , lime, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, juicy fruits and many more , after 4-5 hrs of eating them I have burning eyes and feel like I have fever. There is tiredness like exhaustion or Like I am sick. Then there are some vegetables like eggplant, spinach, celery etc that give me headaches. Broccoli and pineapple upset my stomach, even one bite , i face vomiting and diarrhea for the day.

I get severe headache after eating one spoon of sesame seed , flax seed, coconut, coconut oil, fish oil, quinoa, chia seed, multivitamin. This headache turns into migraine sometimes. Eating Wheat or oat causes hypoglycemic symptoms after 2-3 hours of eating. I have dairy ( any form) intolerance. I take milk tea twice a day, because I can tolerate small amount of milk(2%). But tea with whole milk causes headache.

So, I have very limited food items that I can eat. I eat rice, Chana lentil( other types produce gas and minor diarrhea), garbanzo beans, kidney beans, cauliflower, okra and peanuts.

I have never discussed this with my doctor because I know they would not do anything. I talked to few naturopath dr over the phone to make sure if they are able to help me but they said they have never treated a case like me. I don't want to be experiment for them and pay for that too.

I like to know if there are others like me. It is really weird case and I am not getting enough nutrition from my food and can't take multivitamins.

Please don't say that it's all in my head or I should keep eating variety of foods and my body will get used to eat. Please let me know which community I should join based on my issues.

Thanks for reading,


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Yeesh! And I thought I had a lot of food intolerances, but no where near that many or that bad. Like you, I don't bother to talk about it, because most people, including doctors, don't think there is any such thing. I've got most of mine under control, and sometimes I just decide something is worth the symptoms I'm going to get. Like onions, for example; I won't eat a cheesesteak smothered in onions if I have to drive or conduct any kind of important business as I have been known to pass out from it, but if I'm at home, and it's evening, I will eat them. I did go to a doctor many years back who specialized in this, and he identified a few I didn't already know about but they were mild. He had many patients though who had multiple sensitivities. Don't ask me his name, not only do I not remember, but it was so long ago that I would assume he is dead by now, or at least retired.

I can't help wondering though, with that MANY sensitivities, if it might not be possible that it is something on or in the vegetables that is getting you? Traces of fertilizer perhaps? Or insecticide? Have you ever found any difference between regular supermarket produce vs certified organic produce?

I have to say, most of my sensitivities have diminished as I've gotten older (I'm 74 now). I don't know if that's menopause related, or because I make a point of getting enough omega 3 oils, or due to improvements in my diet over the years, or what. Re: The menopause idea; when I was in my thirties, I would get an emotional crying jag precisely 10 hours after eating sweet potatoes, which are known to have progesterone-like chemicals. That doesn't happen any more.

I'm sorry that I don't have any answers for you, but I do believe you, as I've been a little bit down that road myself.

I got married at 44, and my husband didn't believe in food sensitivites or allergies either for that matter. He used to get killer migraines though, and took heavy-duty prescription medicines for them. When we were dating, he started getting more severe and more frequent migraines, and he even asked me if I was poisoning him. Only half jokingly, I think. Meanwhile, he pooh-poohed all of my food complaints, and told me it was all in my imagination. Then we married, and moved, and his migraines diminished. Then one day I cooked him a casserole and left it in the fridge for him to heat up, so he ate that and had one of the worst migraines of his life. So of course I took a good look-see to figure out what was in that casserole that could have done that, and I realized I had liberally seasoned it from a jar of Mrs. Dash's seasoning that I had just bought. I looked at the ingredients and it was high in coreander, and I had had coreander (cilantro) growing in my garden at my old apartment. I HAD been poisoning him, LOL! That was June 5th, 1989, and he has never had a migraine since that day. I am VERY careful not to feed him coreander or cilantro. And now he believes in food sensitivities.

It takes work and perseverence. Hang in there. Maybe others on this site will know of doctors or books or other suggestions that will help.


Judmilla, thanks for replying, I really appreciate your time. You are hilarious!

My husband is just like yours and he thinks I make up all these stories to avoid eating healthy food.

I don't know what is this relief that some one understands me so it's ok if you did not have any solution for my issues.

I am glad you have found remedy for your food sensitivities. Take care🙏



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