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New here - unexplained fatigue

Hi all,

I have had exhaustion for 4 years now. I have pretty much seen all the doctors under the sun and nothing was found except gastritis. It may be cfs. One curious thing is that I get super tired after using computer for an extended time. Anybody has this issue? I don't feel it should have such an impact given the low activity it involves. Would love to have your input!

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Are you taking meds for the gastritis ? - if so this can prevent the uptake of key vitamins and minerals. Low B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD can make you feel VERY tired as can low thyroid.



I am just taking gaviscon from time to time. Ditched all the PPIs. Had terrible side effects from them

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I would still have the B12 - Folate -Ferritin - Vit D checked. If levels are low and then treated it can make a big difference. Have you had the thyroid checked?

Always obtain copies of test results with ranges. They are legally yours. Docs have a habit of saying fine when they mean in range. It is where you are in the range that is so important ......

Low stomach acid has the same symptoms as high 😊


Have you had a sleep study?


Yes! All good apparently


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