How to cope with fatigue - any ideas

I used to sleep all the time at the drop of a hat (which annoyed me) New medication means I now sleep soundly at night (mirtazipine) - but cannot do much during the day. Sitting is uncomfortable so I lie on the sofa exhausted but I can't sleep at all even for a nap. I think pacing is the answer which I do with certain necessary things. However I am off work at the moment and pretty much sofa-bound with heavy exhaustion. Any ideas? Anyone been like this and overcome it? I can't take anything herbal due to drug interactions.

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  • if you do sleep in the day it might disrupt your night time sleep. Try listening to some gentle music or a talking book, and comedy often works for me, so maybe something on the iPlayer or Youtube.

  • Thanks for your ideas, my daughter laughs away at YouTube with earplugs in all the time - I tried it myself and found some things that made me laugh out loud, so I must keep that up, what could be better than laughter. You have reminded me that I recently downloaded some reiki music so I can listen to that. Thanks :)

  • Hiya it sounds blindingly obvious but it might be worth getting some outdoor air, it doesn't have to be for long, even if it's just walking to and standing in the door way for 2 mins. Breath deeply and imagine yourself in a calm place for a few minutes. Obviously it's not good to strain yourself.

    It sounds like you know this already but fatigue can be a vicious circle can't it? If you're tired your less likely to get movement but without movement you're not able to build up any strength. I was pretty bad letting my tiredness allow me to slip down hill but I have been going to bed a lot earlier and making sure I get up at a reasonable time. Then I force myself to go for a gentle walk even if I'm not overly motivated to do so, I seem to be improving. :) Plus I think it you can go to bed early for say, the course of a few nights it gives your body more time to repair itself, although I'll leave it here for now because your fatigue might be a different type to mine. Anyway hope this helps. :) xxxx

  • Hi, thanks for replying and I think I am doing most of what you say. I go to bed between 9 and 10 sleep through to 8 but was getting up at 5 for a long time and dosing on and off on the couch. I make sure I get a walk every day and thoroughly enjoy it.

    Just going to the door for air is interesting for me because 2 weeks ago I gave up smoking, which I used to do at the back door so I haven't been going there. What I can do instead is go to the front door periodically for have been a help:) Thank you xxxx

  • Hey you're most welcome. :) I'm glad I can be of help. It sounds like you're improving too so I'm glad about that. Just keep heading in the right direction is all I can add really. :) xxxx

  • I don't know if you would consider medication to counteract your fatigue, perhaps as a last resort. I don't want to push it on you so just keep it in mind if you ever decide to go that route. I have found that taking Nuvigil (a stimulant usually prescribed for narcolepsy) helps a great deal. But be careful and take the lowest effective dose or you'll be like the Energizer Bunny and unable to sit and rest. Then you'll end up exhausted anyway. Good Luck!

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