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FND and B12 Jab


Hello all im just wondering is any one else suffering due to lack of B12 and there FND.

I have been told by my Gp surgury my B12 jab is classed as a cosmetic Jab and that i can take over the counter B12 supperments well this was by the lady over the phone

Im finding it more harder to move my energy levels have dropped and im getting more forgetful and i am just 100%-0 in mins.

im 1 week over my jab i do not absorb the B12 tablet thats why since 2010 i had a jab every 3 months.

I got a grilling on the phone saying was i aware of covid and the damage it was doing so i apogised for phoning and left the call.

Just wondering if any one else in thd uk has had this issue the first lockdown i was given my jab

Im in the uk many thanks and please all take care and be safe


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I'm sorry that you had that happen to you! I'm Regional Australia, I have B12 injections at my gp, she has never made an issue of it. Even though you have extreme circumstances there with covid, surely medical conditions should still be treated. Maybe the person on the phone was just having a very bad day, don't take it personally. I do hope you are able to continue with your treatment. Take care.

tabey in reply to MONIREN

Thank you for your reply i really Appreciate it 😀


Do you have any other diagnoses along with FND? If so, I'd ask if it would be considered to be a 'cosmetic' treatment if you didn't have a FND diagnosis in your notes and they were purely working on the basis of another diagnosis. Either way, bullying you about the impact of COVID is not OK and they should not deny you access to necessary medical treatment for any reason other than if there is a shortage of B12 jabs due to reasons beyond their control.

tabey in reply to 210272

Hi and thank you for your reply sadly it is in my notes im b12 vit D folate Deficient due to my Fnd and also i have a leison on the brain stem which also causes me many issue and i have a poor Absorption.I truely do fill bad as i know covid is here and its terrible and of couse if i miss out because people can get treatment id be happy to miss out on it but on the other hand im really truelly struggling with out my jab. And seems im cornered

210272 in reply to tabey

I thought the presence of lesions ruled out FND. But for whatever reason you are deficient in B12 you need treatment. COVID is here and it is terrible but there have been many surveys about how and why it has created hardship for people with other conditions, including delays to accessing regular medical treatments. It's the 'cosmetic' thing that is still bugging me, though ... I'd ask to speak to your doctor and get them to confirm that it is not a cosmetic jab.

I'm so sorry you have had this experience with your GP. I know you don't want to bother them when they are fire fighting Covid but I really think you should push for the treatment you are entitled to.

It has been documented that one of the nutritional deficencies that hightens your chance of suffering badly with Covid is B12. By denying you your jab they may well increase the chance of putting more pressure on the NHS services in the long run.

Also it probably won't help as you have problems absorbing B12 but just though I would mention that I take a liquid suppliment called Floradix to get my B12 as I can't absorb tablets due to problems with my gastric system, just in case its worth a try while you are waiting for your jab (it's available online or in lots of health food shops and even my local boots has it now). Good luck!

tabey in reply to Wildcherry12

Oh thank you , your a life saver i been given the pratice managers email adress by my chemist to fight this as they think its wrong im being declined my jab however like you said they are under huge pressure so me moaning to me seems unfair as i know its a stessful time I shall buy some of that at least it be something to keep my going until i get my jab i cant loose anything by trying abd helping myself

Take care and thanks again


MONIREN in reply to tabey

I've taken Floridix after an op, found taking it first thing in the morning with warm water is the best.

tabey in reply to MONIREN

Thank you i have ordered some from good old amazon Tabe


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