Recovering from FND?

I've recently been diagnosed with FND and I'm struggling with the mew limits on my life. I'm only 18 and the thought of being this way for the rest of my life is unbareable. I was wondering if anyone has had any improvement in symptoms, or made a recovery from

FND? If you have, how? what helped? and how long did it take? Thank you in advance! x

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  • I was diagonised Feb last year with an admittance to a neuro unit to start talking about all the trauma I have endured all my life and yes 42 years worth and now therapy started finally I it has reduced my seizures and my mobility has regained some what from this also , had a big mini stroke in Aug 2013 however through determination and work I have not been in my wheel chair for some time hope this helps here to chat I also have a Facebook page for my own blog and therapy

    Take care and be determined

  • I'm so glad things have improved for you! thank you for replying and giving me that little but of hope i need! i would love to join the facebook page if possible? thank you! take care of yourself, keep going strong!

  • It's Clare Campbell therapy and tarot cards helps me and flo people keep going it has taken me since Feb last year to come to terms with it but we got to beat it , take care

  • hi how long have you been diagnosed? I am being observed for possible inpatient programme at UCHl hospital. you can ask your consultant or Gp to refer you. apparently some people just in prove on their own other can get worst other stay stable. it's a bit of a lottery I am afraid. have you joined FNDhope close group? they are on face book they are really supportive and can give advice on lots of things , I am on it and I find it useful. good luck take care Jill xx

  • I was diagnosed last week after 6 or so years of confusing drs! i will

    ask my dr about the inpatient programmes! it's so frustrating that it is such a lottery! i have joined them now! thank you! take care xx

  • Hi, was just wondering what your symptoms are and how long have you had this for? I was diagnosed last year so can only talk about my personal journey with this condition. Compared to how I was last year I am so much better but I still have symptoms every day, I have spasms, burning nerve pain, weakness and poor balance dizziness etc amongst other things. I think you learn to adjust to this one way or another. It is not easy it has been a tough battle especially when not a lot of people out there understand this condition but I have personally found strength and support from talking with others in here who completely understand what we are going through.

    Best wishes to you

    Louise x

  • my main symptoms are dysarthia (motor speech disorder), dyskenisia, spasms, weakness, dizziness, paratheasias, poor balance, fatigue, memory fog & unsteady walking. i've had symptoms for about 6 years but they have got progressively worse over the last two years. i'm glad to hear things have improved for you! i agree, i have recently experienced a massive decline so my life will need to change alot (eg not working 12.5 hr shifts!!!!). It's been so difficult to find support and people with similar issues so i am so glad i found this site! thank you so much! take care of yourself xx

  • If you would like more support from other FNDers please join the Facebook group via you'll find a wealth of information and support there.

  • Thank you! I have now joined this group!

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