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New to new way of life

Hi there came across your site and was very keen to read peoples experiences and just see how much courage people really have .I have been in the care sector for over 30yrs and have always been the one who looked after people now people are looking after me as I am a lady who is 5wks after having bladder removal due to cancer and having a urostomy and I would like to ask if anyone had been in the same position and experienced a lot of discomfort like a gripe in your tummy almost like a constant wind problem .I do hope someone will answer this question for me to really give me some reassurance that this will eventually settle thank you.

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I had my bladder removed about 2 1/2 years ago, due to bladder cancer and have had a urostomy ever since. I am living a quite normal life and really am experiencing no problems. I change my bag every 3-7 days, empty it several times a day and have an accessory bag that I attach overnight so that I don't have to get up regularly. Occasionally, I get some itching under that bag adhesive, but that's about it. I'm still quite self-conscious about the whole situation, but I guess I shouldn't be. I hope this offers you some encouragement. I also have an acquaintance who had the surgery, etc., about a month before me and he is also doing well. Good luck going forward.


Hi there my story as well but eight years for me following a Stage 4 Diagnosis with a limited future . No option but to remove my bladder. I change my bag completely every two days and just the bag every day ....My Hollister setup would not last as long as three to seven days.

I have travelled extensively had some accidents hate the way I live but am alive.Good to hear from you


thank you for replying and ever little bit of information helps at this stage .


Thank you for your encouragement and for replying .


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