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Help please

So I was able to get a endoscopy and colonoscopy and I was amazed when they said nothing was wrong with my stomach but I was having low abdominal pain in the pelvic region and lower back pain. Can’t hold in pee for long and sometimes having to pee when there is nothing to pee. Also still have the testicle discomfort. Any advice would be very helpfully

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what did the Dr.s say? It could be a UTI but if it is bladder cancer and it has not penetrated the muscle wall, they can remove the cancer and start you off on series of infusions into the bladder- that's what happened to me. I am 71 and this was what happened to me 6 yrs ago....did not freak out, rather thought ok what's next....so it was first surgery and a second look surgery. Then it was 6 BCG treatments- had to hold in the BCG 2 hours before peeing, sitting down and not flushing for 20 minutes- have to have clorox in the toilet water. Was some discomfort when peeing- like peeing razor blades but only for a moment. Then it was the urge to pee with little results. Only lasted a day. So waiting to hear what the Dr said.


Urologist will sort you out. Not to worry.


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