Had bladder and prostate removed in Aug 16 because of bladder cancer. This was after 6 sessions of chemo which weren't particularly effective. CAT scans in Sep, Dec and Mar were negative for any signs of cancer but the scan last week revealed a lymph node in the left groin area. My oncologist recommends immunotherapy beginning next week which would consist of 6 sessions, 3 weeks apart. Has anyone out there had this treatment and how did I it turn out? Thank you in advance.


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  • I had my bladder and prostate removed last Aug. as well. In Oct., the cancer had metastasized to my lungs. I've been undergoing chemo with Gemzar & Carboplatin. I have been responding, but they will be discontinuing the Carboplatin. I'm curious what immunotherapeutant you are receiving, Meeting with my oncologist tomorrow to discuss options. Thanks.

  • I will have my first session on Wednesday and I'll let you know then what product I'm on. Thanks

  • I am taking Keytruda, three sessions so far with no side effects. We will have 3 more sessions then a CAT scan.

  • My son is having this,all well so far.

  • My partner Bill starts this treatment next week was there any side affects? Good Luck to your son 🤞

  • My partner Bill will be starting his keytruda treatment next week mainly for his lung cancer but he has also got Bladder Cancer as well so we are hoping this treatment will also help that as well.Good Luck

  • From what we have read about (keytruda) the results have been very good indeed fingers crossed for you and Bill 🤞

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