Had bladder and prostate removed in Aug 16 because of bladder cancer. This was after 6 sessions of chemo which weren't particularly effective. CAT scans in Sep, Dec and Mar were negative for any signs of cancer but the scan last week revealed a lymph node in the left groin area. My oncologist recommends immunotherapy beginning next week which would consist of 6 sessions, 3 weeks apart. Has anyone out there had this treatment and how did I it turn out? Thank you in advance.


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  • I had my bladder and prostate removed last Aug. as well. In Oct., the cancer had metastasized to my lungs. I've been undergoing chemo with Gemzar & Carboplatin. I have been responding, but they will be discontinuing the Carboplatin. I'm curious what immunotherapeutant you are receiving, Meeting with my oncologist tomorrow to discuss options. Thanks.

  • I will have my first session on Wednesday and I'll let you know then what product I'm on. Thanks

  • My son is having this,all well so far.

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