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Fight Bladder Cancer
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My husband has T1 hygrade bladder cancer for the past 14 months. He has had 7 BCG treatments and last week after blood work, CT Scan and Cystoscopy, doctor said NO CANCER CELLS! But he wants him to have three more BCG treatments as preventative and my concern is that if no cancer present why not wait until next three month check up as I concerned the BCG treatments will destroy his bladder (if it kills bad stuff,it kills good stuff too) my husband does not question his doctor and he doesn't want interference between me and his doctor.He is a very private person and even with my encouragement, he doesn't read people's comments that are going through bladder cancer to see what others are going through..Anyone else have this problem?

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Take the treatments.

It works.

My husband had the same.

It does him no harm.

Just be honest with him.

He will have managemnt bcg for next few years.

He just needs to understand.

Speak eith dpecialist nurse.

He will be fine.

Men eh!


Hi, this is the first time I've answered anything on the forum! My name is Christine and I was diagnosed with T2 bladder cancer over 6 years ago. after a recurrence I had mitomycin for 6 weeks which didn't help. After induction of 6 BCG treatments and 3 more maintenance I remain clear. In my case my bladder has been very inflamed and my BCG nurse suggested cranberry tablets and at my last check there was no inflammation. I would rather go through the treatment than risk it coming back again. In my case I was told the doctors would decide when to stop the treatment. Hope this helps.


Yes it does. .Always good to hear that it works...


I have gone through precisely the same treatment as your husband and would say have the extra BCG treatments


Please try to persuade your Husband to take the 3 extra courses because my Husband took the same after his biopsy confirmed that he was cancer free but he still had some inflammation so I think they just want to ZAP the last bit , we are now awaiting a further biopsy to see if the inflammation has gone. Good Luck

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Yes he will have three more,wait three months and retest to see of he is still cancer free...thanks for your input....best wishes for continuing good results...


I must be the unlucky one.i have had about 15 doses of bcg,and although it has kept the cancer at bay it has massively shrunk my bladder.saw my consultant this morning and will be having my bladder removed during the summer.


Yes that's my worry as my husband says he looses chunks of tissue after treatment and I guess that's how he missed the infection, thinking it was treatment causing discomfort..At least with having bladder removal, you won't have to worry about bladder cancer anymore..Best of health to you!


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