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Is BC related to bowel cancer?

Can I ask a question? Iam now diagnosed with early stage non invasive bladder cancer. However, in June I had a colonoscopy where they found and removed one large polyp they deemed precancerous. They only retrieved half of it, the other half went pinging round the colon. They repeated the colonoscopy in July, but couldn't find the tattoo

I had a chest xray then. I got a phone call in August saying it wasn't cancer. They called me in Dec for another colonoscopy where they found a cluster of small polyps in a different place and three possible tattoo sites! Then in Jan I had the show of blood which led to my diagnosis after a cytoscopy. My question is are they related? How fast do polyps grow? I watched all the colonoscopies and there weren't any other polyps on the second one- he made three passes. Thanks

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Hi bizli, I'm not aware of any connection between Bowel and Bladder cancer, but you need to ask your oncologist / consultant. It may be that some life-style factors contribute to the risks of both cancers.


To my knowledge, bladder cancer is not a polyp- a polyp is a pre cancer. And btw if a bit of the bladder cancer were to migrate to any other part of the body, it would still be bladder cancer. Each cancer appears to be very different than others. So, I do not think they are related but i am not a Dr. However I am 70 and been treated for BC since 2012.


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