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Get it early

Hi I had stage 2 bladder cancer in 2012. I lost a kidney and 10% of my bladder.

I have my 6 monthly checks and now been put to every year and thank the good lord it has not come back. Just had 2016 CTC scan and that is all ok.

What I am trying to say is never mind the embarrassment at the doctors and hospital with your private parts. If you see blood in your urine get it checked ASAP the sooner they find out you have cancer the better it is to sort out.



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Exactly... More awareness for bladder cancer


I too have bladder cancer.  Surely no remotely sensible person would see blood and not have it checked out or am I crazy to assume that?


Exactly...some doctors decide UTI without doing further tests...I've had bladder removed and last month they found trace of blood in my urine...they didn't follow it up


I totally agree I only had blood once and have just recently had a cancerous tumour removed followed by 1 session of chemo won't be going back for 3 months.

Great to hear you still clear x


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