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Hormone therapy injections, yea right!!!!


Hi in 2009, 23 December ie two days before Christmas, I was told by the specialist nurse. You have a tumour !! I thought she was speaking to someone else. The reason I was at the hospital in the first place, was because on a routine blood test,

my PSA came out at 133.6. A biopsy followed, result was Gleason 9. Consultant follow up confirmed it was aggressive and advanced, stage 4. Inoperable. He recommended hormone therapy. Wouldn't cure the cancer, may slow it down though. Told me it would work for up to two years. Then it was palliative care. Started on Prostrap injections, side effects were horrendous, quality of life, super low. I started researching like you do. Found that hormone therapy drugs weren't actually that efficient in stopping the production of Testerone. 92% tops.

One that did work surgery, a Bi lateral Orchidectomy. 99% also the hormone production dropped in 4 hours, Zoladex is I believe 4 weeks. So you can guess what I opted for. That was almost 7 years ago, I'm still here.

Hospital discharged me back to my GP this June, regular PSA are 0.1 have been for six years now, surgery used to be the "gold standard" before the pharmaceutical boys realised they could make a load of Money, from us guys. Life is good.......

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