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Anybody had any encounters with CAPITA? This is not for DLA

Hi all I have an appointment with a CAPITA doctor tomorrow, this is for to see whether i get ill health retirement from work or whether i am just sacked!

I am so tired and sore with worry.

Has anybody had any similar encounters, and advise me what to expect?

Do i make the extra effort an try and put some makeup on and try to smarten myself up from the usual tshirt and leggins (which i can now only wear with the weight gain)

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The only thing i know about capita is they have the contracts for assessing people for your situation for DWP or the new PIP in the areas atos don't have . Some people have said they are better than atos .. Eg fairer other people have said they are the same... They just haven't had as much publicity....

As regards what to wear or do it depends on how you are .. Do you want to keep your job do you feel able to do your job ... If you really can't cope with working anymore then I would go just as you normally dress now and emphasis how ill you are...

VG x


Whichever way this goes...I wont have a job at end of it at hmrc...been there over ten years.

its only down to my sheer determination I have been finished sooner.


I had to deal with Capita for medical retirement from MOD. I'm afraid I found them to be very similar to the reports I've heard about ATOS.

The person I dealt with did not accept any of the documentation I submitted about fibro and she completely discounted my GP and Consultant reports. She said that a graded exercise programme would enable me to carry on working, I did a programme and ended up being sick from work for 3 months. I also took a CBT course as previous similar courses were not accepted by her.

It was for these reasons I went to Prof Davies, privately to meet submission deadlines and he wrote a brief report. (Thankfully I had been given a "gift" which covered the cost.)

If Capita have made comments about treatments not tried then try to carry out the ones you can to negate any doubts they put in place. You can't be expected to try everything, eg different meds before applying as med's aren't a cure should be used until they aren't effective, cover that in your submission as well as asking your GP or Consultant to cover it also. In relation to med's they are prescribed to make you as comfortable as possible.

Write everything as when you feel at your very worst.

My last option was to have my application reviewed by independent consultants, do you have that option? (I tried to delay the process to allow me to do the exercise programme and CBT, Capita did not respond to that request.)

Do you have a Union rep who can help you with the process?

I didn't take any of my meds before this appointment, and had minimal makeup to show how I really felt.

Worst case scenario I think you should be able to start the process again after 3 months.

I consider myself extremely fortunate, the independents agreed that I could not carry out my duties but it took Capita almost 2 months to notify me of this; even telling HR that they hadn't received the independent report when they had.

Good luck, if I can help we can maybe get in touch? (not sure if we can make direct contact?)




i had my union help me with capita they gave me ill health on level 3 it took nearly 2 years to sort out and to be honest it was hard work but isent everything nowadays good luck


Capita is a company which does a lot of the Goverments dirty work. They also are responsible for the TV Licence.


Hi, hope you are doing ok today. I was in a very similar situation to the one you re in now. I have heart disease, asthma, and fibromyalgia. I had worked for hmrc for about thirteen years before I got fibromyalgia. I managed to work for about another six years while being very ill (looking back i don't know how i did it!!!) My problem was made worse because I had so much time off for fibromyalgia, and also for the other health problems. At the time the hmrc started making redundancies, I had to go to the capita doctor, (i had been there before) The doctor was much better than the atos ones I have had.

I eventually had to leave, and was offered redundancy. At the same time I applied for ill health retirement. the first time I was turned down, and it went to an appeal. I had to see a psychologist, another doctor, and fill in alot of forms !! The whole process took 18 months, but I finally got ill health retirement, with a pension. I am not saying it will be easy, but it's worth fighting for. Best of luck, and let me knowhow you get on xxx


Hi I worked for HMRC for 12 years before my back and neck went, it took over 18 months to get a diagnosis of prolapsed disc causing nerve inpingment, its nearly 4 years since then and apparently I now have Degenerative disc disease and fybromaglia and IBS and depression. I saw capita doctors twice. The first time he said in report how I opened door with hand that was supposed to be weak, so as well as trying to win ESA appeals and these negative reports, I felt like everyone was against me. I got compensation payment but because of delays in doctors notes and diagnosis I didnt get ill health retirement. I had chance to go in and do phrased return and opted for it, only for my GP to strongly recommend I didnt. Im at a loss now its been really hard financially I just won ESA appeal and lost a 2nd DLA one. Now I have to go and join work group and im waiting to hear, I hope you have more luck than me, I was just unlucky because of delays with doctors and hospitals messing me about for so long. Life is hard sometimes but you have to fight for what you know is right. take care Sue x


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