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Has anybody with fibro had any sort of dental problems


I have had non stop abscess for over 2 year I had it treated so many times but it keeps coming back within days of getin treatment I was just wondering if anybody els gets problem with other teeth or gums

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Hello Amanda Teeth are a sore subject in more ways than one.I have been in trouble with my dentist for years. He was very sceptical that I DO look after my teeth Being diagnosed with Fibro explains why they keep falling out. I am down to 4 on the top and 8 on the bottom and most of them are loose. :( sue

Hi Amanda, yes all my teeth hurt and ar on edge 89% of the time, I've been to the main dental Hosp and y own dentist, the dental hospital done many tests, including putting an electrical gadget on the teeth to make sure the nerves weren't dead, and boy did that hurt, I have all my teeth minus three, apparently they are all ok and nothing wrong, they said it was the fibro so did the late Proffessor Davis, they hurt most of the time, I know this sounds weird but sometimes they feel swollen and too big for my mouth, I can't use steel cutlery I have to use plastic cutlery, and it's very hard to get a decent set, I do hope no one else is suffering the same ....hugs to all ...Dee x

Because of pain I do grind my teeth and gave worn them away. I did have a huge abscess about 10 yrs ago. I am adamant it wasn't fibro connected but because I had broken the tooth and never had a dentist to remove the bit that was left. It was so bad I was beginning to poison myself as my whole face swelled up. It happened so quickly that antibiotics didn't work so ended up in A&E for the first time in my life, hooked up to IV antibiotics for three days!! Since then I see a dentist regularly! I still grind my teeth but haven't had any more abscesses luckily! I wouldn't wish them on anyone!! Xx

Hi amanda2277

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having problems with an abscess.

I was wondering if you use a mouthwash? As I have to dilute mine down as I get very bad mouth ulcers from my mouthwash. I use half a cap, topped up with just water as it is the only way to avoid this sort of problem for me.

I am also like Fibro, as I constantly grind my teeth due to pain.

I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

I have got about 6 teeth left I hate dentists but they have either gone rotten or broken off ect get infections after infections looks like I am going to have to have roots all out and rest of teeth out to but I am sure my problems don't just stem from drinking coke they only got this bad since I had fibro I am sure of it x

Hi guys

I am a tooth grinder because of the pain it became so bad with constant headaches that I was made a gum sheild to wear at night it did the trick- I still grind but the head aches are just light and soon go with hydration.

It does seem to be a fairly common problem with us.

I do suffer with terrible face ache from the Fibro.


im recently diagnosed with fibro, and after reading all the replies it makes sense as to why iv had so many probs with my teeth over the years, iv only got 1 left on top, and about 8 on bottom, iv a serious phobia of dentists which doesnt help and when i have treatment it has to be under general anasthetic in hospital, iv got a denture, but i get toothache where i dont have any teeth, that sounds crazy, so putting in the denture hurts aswell, but i had lots of abcess over the years, and have had them treated at hosp.

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I also get toothache where there are no teeth. I think this flipping computer has fibro. all the keys are falling off :( sue

Hi Amanda I wondered if this was fibro related, my dentist also implied I dont take care of them, very annoying. I have lost loads of teeth over the last 7 or so year due to gum disease.. I have had fibro for 14 years. Good luck with your problems.

I was so relieved after reading your post and the other replies, not because I'm glad you all have dental problems 😀 But to know the possible reason that so many of my teeth have have become a little loose and sensitive, I've always looked after them and I thought it was probably age related ( 59) but as so many of you are suffering I'm thinking it could possibly be the fibro

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